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Ruby Falls

No description

Chloe Zuidema

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Ruby Falls

Ruby Falls Lets Start your Vacation to Ruby Falls! Naturally formed in limestone cave, and a sink hole appeared near the head of the stream allowing water to enter History Of Ruby Falls Type of rock limestone Travel Methods Ruby Falls Lets go to lookout mountain to the largest underground water fall in the U.S. The 145 foot waterfall pours out 300 gallons of water per minute into a river.The Ruby Falls are highlighted with lights and reflecting pools! History Of Ruby Falls Who Discovered it? A worker named Lou Lambert discovered it on December 28, 1928. He hit into a wall and felt a gush of air Later on, Lou Lambert brought his wife Ruby to see what he discovered. And named it after her. What Kind Of Rock? sandstone Which are both types of sedimentary rocks Ruby Falls also has flowstones, stalagmites, and strata. but first... you should learn a little bit about it! Now that you know
about Ruby Falls,
lets start planning How are we gonna get there? You can take a plane
but the easiest and
cheapest way is... ...by car! If you leave Midland Park , it will only take 12 hours and then you will arrive Beautiful. Natural. Ruby Falls TN If you leave MIdland Park,
it will take 12 hours and then you will
finally arrive at
Ruby Falls! Now that you have reached the park,
you need to pay an entrance fee Adult: $19.95
Child: $9.95 And its open every day besides Christmas

Beautiful. Natural. Ruby Falls, T
ennessee By Chloe Zuidema and Ava Iorio
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