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Austin Hutchinson

on 26 January 2017

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Transcript of UNION SCHOOL, Haiti

SAK PASE TFA-Houston Greetings from HAITI!
Filozofi NOU
Union School is committed to meeting the needs of students from
diverse cultural backgrounds
, offering a program that focuses on excellence in academics and all other areas of their lives.
"We're Building Character"
We are an internationally accredited K-12, SACS accredited school.
Our mission is to continue to inspiring a culture of life-long learning that encourages academic excellence, civic mindedness, and personal integrity.
We offer a diverse community of students and staff that represent an array of countries around the world.
We provide our students an American curriculum with particular emphasis on Haitian history and culture.
Working together, our school community empowers students to pursue excellence, explore the consequences of their actions, and to take meaningful risks. 
We encourage our students to become responsible citizens and leaders who hold true to democratic values.
Come join us in the Caribbean!
What do we have to offer?
- Competitive Salary & Benefits
How Do we relate to Teach For America's Philosophies?
Union School is also a firm believer that all children should have a
right to quality education.
A message from our
Teach for America Alums
Haiti has its struggles but Union School has the
privilege to stimulate political and social consciousness into the future leaders of the country.
What is it like to live in Haiti?
Haiti is a beautiful country with a heart of resilient people who make living here an incredible experience.

Yes, let's not skip the facts, Haiti has had it's recent challenges but
WE shake it off and bounce back!
Union School is located in the capital city of Port-Au-Prince
What is there to do?
- Port-Au-Prince is home to the National Airport, Embassies, NGO offices and much more.
-There is a huge English speaking population in the capital, mainly because of international business.
There are plenty of restaurants in PAP offering cuisines from the world. Asian, Italian, Middle Eastern, American BBQ, Spanish, etc.
For food, PAP has large american sized grocery stores where you'll be able to find your usual brands.
Shopping for clothing and apparel is a little more difficult in Haiti because selection is not very large.
A major city for tourist and international business.
Check out our social media...


To get a glimpse of life in Haiti whether nightlife or culture. Check out these IG pages.

There is also a pretty good selection of dance clubs, lounges, live music, concerts, etc.
- We offer extra stipends for after school activities.
tutoring, ESL, coaching, etc.

- All teachers are paid in US$
-Furnished Housing
-Paid Monthly Utilities
-Free transportation
-Relocation Allowance
-Air Fare to Haiti
Major Medical Health Insurance- International
Local Medical Insurance
Retirement Plan (reimbursed at end of contract)
Summer Travel Allowance to return for second year of contract.
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