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400-Year-old Shakespearean speech

No description

cheska quejado

on 3 November 2016

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Transcript of 400-Year-old Shakespearean speech

400-Year-old Shakespearean Speech
Adjectives (1)
Wretched :
A person who is in a very unhappy/unfortunate state.

A person who lacks enough money to live a sustainable and comfortable life style.

To be suitable or proper in certain circumstances.
Adjectives (2)
Silent: Not making any sound

Strong: Able to withstand great force or pressure
Adjectives (3)
Short: Having a little height or Length ; Not long or tall

Barbarous: Very cruel or Violent ; Very rude or Offensive
Adjectives (4)
Hideous: Horrible or frightful to look at

Ravenous: Extremely hungry; famished; voracious
For the past couple of decades, the United Nations has been responsible for safeguarding and well-being, of refugees looking for help. Recently, around 15 million refugees are being helped worldwide today. But recently refugees have been falling through the cracks, often the states providing become unable to help. Recognizing this, the communities today generally views the refugees as equally deserving of protection and assistance.

16th Century
Huguenots were believed to be a threat to the absolute authority for the monarch
Protestant pastors were exiled and the laity were forbidden to leave France
Many Protestants left
Were able to settle in non-Catholic countries but were still posed as a threat
The adjectives are negative and strongly impact the reader
Describes emotion and hardship of the refugees
Also how other citizens are reacting
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