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Strategic Communications Plan

June 18 2012 Presentation to BOE

Suzanne Turner

on 20 January 2013

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Transcript of Strategic Communications Plan

Strategic Communications Plan Vision SOMSD will be the NJ school
district with the most effective
and engaging approach
to communications. Mission To engage all stakeholders in the continuing mission of SOMSD to prepare students for future success by facilitating
a high-quality, two-way system
of continuous communications that reaches stakeholders
effectively and efficiently. Goal One Goal Two Goal Three Create
systems To enhance SOMSD’s positive
profile, increasing the community’s
trust and confidence in the district,
through consistent and effective
communication of initiatives
and accomplishments. To engage parents in their
students’ education by
providing regular information
about the curriculum
and students’ progress. To respond promptly
and reassuringly to
crises and challenges. Disseminate timely
and accurate
information Build
capacity Develop PR
campaigns Articulate plans
for stakeholders Assess needs
and revise plans Goal One Objectives Goal Two Objectives Engage all parents
and guardians Increase access to
curriculum information Reorganize
website Promote
participation Goal Three Objectives Manage communications
for emergent issues Refine emergency
guidelines Train staff on emergency communications 2012-2013 Priorities Enhance SOMSD's profile through consistent and effective communications. Formalize strategies for each stakeholder group
Assess and adjust existing communications vehicles
Establish and distribute media guidelines
Establish internal systems for gathering and reporting data
Establish Communications Council
Engage volunteers
Increase use of web 2.0/multi-media tools
Develop PR campaign to promote CHS
Report ongoing implementation of middle school transformation plan
Rethink digital backpack
Assess needs and opportunities and plan for future communications Engage parents and guardians in students' education by providing curriculum and progress information. Create opportunities for two-way communications, including surveys, focus groups, and town hall meetings
Develop “Welcome to” letters for each elementary grade
Reorganize district website to make it easier to find information
Partner with Principals, PTAs and HSAs to systematize regular website posts of happenings at each school
Promote participation in key communications vehicles Respond promptly and reassuringly to crises and challenges. Manage communications for emergent issues as needed.
Continually refine emergency communications guidelines and materials.
Train key staff on what to do in the area of communications during an emergency.
Issue regular reminders to all staff on emergency communications protocols. SOMSD Stakeholders Board of
Education Parents &
Guardians Students Community Staff Questions? Strategic
Communications Plan
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