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GCSE PE : Competitions

No description

Brian McGuckin

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of GCSE PE : Competitions

One of the greatest appeals of playing sport is that it offers an element competition and their are various ways that this is organised and arranged
this is a simple format that involves one team playing against another with the winner going on to the next round and the loser dropping out.
The FA Cup
disadvantages Of Knockout
If you lose you only get to play 1 game
May be a need for qualifying if you have uneven numbers
Advantages Of Knock outs
Quick and easy to organize
can allow high number, as half drop out after each round
This is the most common of all forms of competition and involves all teams playing against each other , often twice over the period of a season
Can cater for large numbers
everyone has same number of games
All arrangements made in advance Eg tickets & fixtues
can last a long time
Can cause fixture congestion at end of a season
Combination Events
Combine elements of both league and knockout.
Eg Champions league
Teams get more than 1 chance to qualify
it allows for higher numbers of teams to qualify
play as many games as you like
can take a long time
meaningless games because teams have already qualified
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