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Interview with a Cataloger

Veronica Henderson

on 12 March 2011

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Transcript of Cataloging

Interview with a Cataloger: University of Notre Dame Hesburg Libraries who are you? what do you do? how do you do your job? what else is involved in this process? Bart Burk, Social Sciences and Hispanic Language Cataloger Original and copy cataloger. Mainly handles Spanish-written materials. Record partially cataloged materials or those in need of full cataloging according to AACR2 and MARC because OCLC requires an English record for every item held by member libraries. Acquisition receives the books. Describe the book using MARC format and LCSH. Ensure authority records have been verified. Create headings for NACO. Place bar code in rear of text and write call number on inside cover of book. Send book for labeling to the Preservation Dept. Of the Spanish-written materials received by the library, 20% will be required to be fully cataloged. The remainder will be eligible for copy cataloging. One of four cataloging librarians from a staff of 20 (16 assistants/paraprofessionals). Catalogers use ALEPH, an Ex-Libris product. Some foreign language purchases are sent directly to OCLC. Highly value the roles of professional organizations related to specificities of profession. questions? comments? concerns? 15 libraries belong to Hesburg Library system. This location is the Main Library.
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