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The Rebellion Losses Bill

No description

on 12 June 2015

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Transcript of The Rebellion Losses Bill

In 1849 The Rebellion Losses Bill was presented to the Legislative Assembly. The purpose of the bill was to pay the people of Canada East for damaged property caused by the Rebellion of 1837.
When The Losses Bill was presented
What Govenor Elgin thought
Govenor Elgin did not like the rebellion bill either, but he was commited to the principle of responsible government, which meant follow the demands of the majority of the Legislative Assembly. The majority wanted the bill passed.
Govenor Elgin signs the bill
Since Govenor Elgin wanted to follow the majorities demands, he signed the Rebellion Losses bill, but after that things did not go well.
What the Tories thought
The Tories did not agree with the Rebellion Losses Bill. They did not think any of the people of Canada East should receive payment, because they felt that they were traitors.
By: Daniella Cruz
The Rebellion Losses Bill

Riots broke out
Immediately after Lorde Elgin signed the bill, riots broke out. A lot of damage was caused and the Parliament Building was set on fire. After that there was more damage and the bill had no point.
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