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Let's Przify Our New World

Dwi Martan's Prezume

Dwi Martan

on 16 August 2012

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Transcript of Let's Przify Our New World

Dwi Martan Let's Prezify Our World! i'm a teacher candidate from PUTERA SAMPOERNA SCHOOL OF EDUCATION I'm studying at English Language Teaching Major i will graduate on August 2014 and now, i'm in 4th semester my cumulative is 3.79/4.0 and GPA Activities: Leader of Hi my name is SSE ICT Club is an IT CLUB which has a purpose to be a facilitator for SSE students to increase their ICT competence in educational, social, and enterpreneurship purpose. what would do as Prezi U Ambassador? I 2. "Prezi Goes to Campus I" workshop 1. Make a manual guidance book in using prezi (made in Bahasa Indonesia) (National Educators Workshop) Founder & Head teacher of Mufik Foundation Three things in the first month 3."PREZIS-ME" Campaign this guidance book purpose is to facilitate the needs of guidance book in mother tongue language, so everyone (not only students in the campus) can understand and use PREZI Further "ACTION" PREZI GOES TO CAMPUS II this workshop is alocated for students , staff, and also lecturers in the campus,
the purpose is to introduce them a new experience in doing presentation
by introducing the use of PREZI inside their daily presentation. it's a campaign that is held to encourage and "prezifying" students to use PREZI in their daily presentation AND about me? Simple Realistic i'm & I'm ready to be CHOSEN for dwi_martan@yahoo.com @dwimartan Dwi Martan dwi.martan@sampoernaeducation.net Contacts: it's a Social course non provit for low economic & orphan kids
Established since 2009 How you believe the Prezi platform can benefit students in and out of the classroom? “ATRACTIVITY” is the first thing that pops up in my mind about the benefit of PREZI platform for students inside and outside the class.

Because this is the most "powerful weapon" in doing a presentation.
Once students atract their audience and grab their attention, their presentation will be more effective and understandable. Thank you Voulenteer of:
- Community Service 2012 (Free Class Library Project) 2011
- Competition of Mathematic (Comath) 2011
- Diffable Children Empowerment (DICE) 2011
- Kodu game lab Project 2012
- SSE English Competition (SSE ECOM) 2012
- Earth Hour Indonesia 2012
- Green Generation Green Consumption SSE 2012
- Microsoft one note and Windows Movie Maker Trainer 2012 music: Video Killed The Radio star
By:The President of United States of America and
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