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The advantages wired and wireless transmission media

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Marcel Macklin

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of The advantages wired and wireless transmission media

Wired Transmission media VS. Wireless Transmission Media Wired Transmission media
used to transfer information over a network, such as Twisted Pair cable. (as Shown in the picture below).

Any form of wire used to transmit information over a network is considered a wired transmission media.
Wired Transmission is the most common and is further divided intothree different types of cabling: Coaxial, Twisted Pairs, andFiber Optic Cables
There are many types of wired transmission media such as coaxial cable, telephone lines, etc Wired Transmission Media Wireless transmission deals with radio wave, microwave, and also infrared.
Wireless transmissions use radio waves or infrared light to transmit data.
Wireless is a good way to get rid of all of the excess cords. Wireless Transmission Media It depends on what you are doing, or if you are travelling. some people would like to use the wireless, because it is convenient. To get a wired connection you need a ethernet cord to reach from your computer to the modem. If you need to use the computer in a public place, you can simply go to a place with wi-fi. I is just alot to keep u with when it comes down to using a wired connection. I think that wired is the most secure. So that people can not hack you. With a wired connection you have a password that you have o enter in order to access the internet. With wireless anybody can use that connecion to access the internet, or they can see wha you are doing. The walls may cause a big problem. because if you have big thick walls, it can intefere with you connection. or even make you computer slow. Some devices can cause memory loss or even brain damage.
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