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vidoe game

No description

abdulaziz qunq

on 31 January 2012

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Transcript of vidoe game

vidoe game First time when the vidoe game is made by Nougts and Crosses in 1952.

pbs.com enginner william A. higginbotham made the atom bom to help to made first game ever

pbs.com MIT steven russell cretes spacewar game in 1962

pbs.com nolan bushnell creates computer space, the first coin arcade style game in tese prearcade days 1971

PBS.com http://www.pbs.org/kcts/videogamerevolution/history/timeline_flash.html magnavox releases the odyssey2 the firs console
system to include a full 49 key keyboard

pbs.com in 2000 sony releases the 128 bit playstation 2 the first console withe better graphics

PBS.com A.Q and john video games

6. yes video games are wideley used throughout the world today. product to replace this include TV, out side activities, and pc

2. entertainment

google.com 1. noughts and crosses invented the first computer game in 1952

2012 3.people use games across
the world for entertainment

google.com 4.yes knoledge and
computer programing

google.com 5.developers made in the
process over 9.5 billion
google.com 7.gaming has developed much
much more from the origanl game.
the way you play, motion gaming , 3D,
graphics, ect.

google.com www.google.com PBS.com The end
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