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October 1- October 5

No description

Kristen Crosby

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of October 1- October 5

Day 1 Bellwork Write one good paragraph (4-6 sentences) about what goes into creating voice in a piece of writing. Independent Reading Chunk 1 On a separate sheet of paper, complete the following assignment: Choose a passage from your book. Explain in one good paragraph why it stuck out to you, why it is important within the book, or how it answers one of your questions from the post-library section of your notes. CAPS LOCK and the Ellipsis of Doom We are going to read a short story called "CAPS LOCK and the Ellipsis of Doom" Day 2 Bellwork What are the elements of an effective oral presentation? Independent Reading Book We are going to go to the library today, but only for about 5 minutes. My Expectations:
Go quietly
Go straight to the check-out desk
Sit down once you have renewed your book
Don't do anything else Activity 1.15 As I read this next piece, imagine what kind of punctuation I am using. Try to picture it in your head, and silently write a few ideas down as I'm speaking. "Brace Yourself" Activity 1.15 For this next part, you will be working in your groups... GO! Notice the punctuation :) Group Assignments: Group 1- pg. 37 Group 2- pg. 38 Group 3- pg. 39 Group 4- pg. 40 Group 5- pg. 41 Turn to page 42 I need volunteers for the following parts: Exclamation
Comma Girl
Ellipsis Captain CAPS LOCK
Lowercase Boy
Question Mark "Mark" Punctuation Has Character What were the superpowers?
How did they interact with/beat one another in combat?
How do certain punctuation marks affect tone? Homework Complete activity 1.9 (page 21) in your SpringBoard, and have it ready to turn in by tomorrow's class. Get your SpringBoards! Day 3 Bellwork In what ways should you change your writing/voice based on your audience? Get your SpringBoards! Activity 1.15 Yesterday, I assigned you a monologue to study with your group. Today, you will have 15 minutes to finish going over it and then present it to the class. Steps: 1. Read the monologue with your group
2. Highlight and discuss the punctuation that is used and how it affects the tone
3. Complete the SOAPSTone from page 42 for your assigned monologue Time to Present Turn to page 37 in your SpringBoards! Remember that while other groups are presenting, I expect you to follow along, and mark the text for important punctuation. I also want you writing the answers to the first column of their SOAPSTone in the "My Notes" section of each monologue. Group 1- "The Crush"
Group 2- "The Job Interview"
Group 3- "The Date"
Group 4- "Off the Court"
Group 5- "Dinner Guest" Day 4 Bellwork List at least 5 stereotypes that you have heard about your OWN culture or group (this can include race, age, gender, hobbies, appearance, etc.) Get your SpringBoards! Open up your SpringBoards to page 43. Activity 1.16 Your Homework! Pass it in! We will talk about these later, don't share them yet! Now, let's share some of those stereotypes that you came up with for your bellwork... Are all stereotypes bad? Where do stereotypes come from? What are stereotypes usually used for? Activity 1.16 Continued Flip your SpringBoard over to page 44 We are going to be reading this poem "Sure You Can Ask Me a Personal Question" by Diane Burns. Let's do this SOAPSTone together. The format makes the poem sound like one side of a conversation. How do I know this? If Time Permits... Create your own one-sided conversation about stereotypes that you face daily. Day 5 Bellwork List at least five different cultures which you personally belong to (ex. race, age group, sports, hobbies...) Get your SpringBoards! Open up your SpringBoards to page 47. Activity 1.17 Answer the questions on page 47. Example of one of the rooms from question #3: Voice of a Daughter: This voice is respectful and loving, but can sometimes be easily frustrated and immature. Description: Reason: I use this voice only to talk to my mom or dad. Things I Say in this Voice: Ma'am, sir, alright, please, thank you, etc. Extra Time? Begin prewriting for your Embedded Assessment (Due on Tuesday)! Directions are on page 49 if you need them!
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