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Foul Shot by Edwin A. Hoey

No description

shona ancog

on 16 January 2012

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Transcript of Foul Shot by Edwin A. Hoey

|Foul Shot by Edwin E. Hoey Big and.... ... small personification "Until every face begs with unsounding screams" - line 26 Personification "Gently drums the ball agaisnt the floor" - line 7 This example of personification creates an image of the audience hoping and begging the boy to make the shot through they're face expressions. Another example of personification "Raises the ball on his right hand, balances it with his left, calms it with fingertips,breathes,crouches,waits" - line 14 Descriptive this is a descriptive poem because it describes the player getting ready to shoot the ball. "unsounding screams" - line 26 Oxymoron The use of "unsounding" is an oxymoron in the way that screams are portrayed as loud, although in this line they are seen as being quiet. Theme The theme to this poem is concentration is key in any situation. Shown in this specific poem, to be able to score a foul shot you need concentration and stillness to succeed in a perfect shot. This example of personification shows an image of a boy trying to perfect his foul shot to win the game.
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