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The Civil War

No description

John Avant

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of The Civil War

The Civil War
April 7, 2014
-Pick up the Washington Redskins reading off the front desk
-Read it and write down on a sheet of paper any important pieces of evidence that can help you argue that the Redskins should change their mascot, or should not change their mascot
Lead up to the Civil War Scavenger Hunt
-This activity is designed to be like the hype before a sporting event, concert, or contest
-Need to find out what led to the

between the two sides
-What were the
of the North and the South leading into the war
-What was the final straw that led to war
-Be sure to use the same website as a source only twice
Watch the following two videos and write down as many facts as you can about whether or not the Washington Redskins should have a name change.
Washington Redskins Name Change Controversy
-Using your the videos and the readings write your own argument either for the Redskins name change, or against the name change
-Arguments must include at least one idea from Western Expansion content/notes
-Must be at least 10-12 sentences long
-Must include at least 3 reasons that you think the name should be changed or not changed
-Must include at least 5 pieces of evidence to back up your argument
Redskins Name Controversy Activity
April 9, 2014
-Take out a sheet of paper and answer the following questions about this symbol in complete sentences.
What is this symbol and what does it mean to you? Explain why the symbol means what it does to you.
Do you think the Confederate flag should be taken off the capital grounds? Explain why or why not.
Tips For Finding Information Online (Research)
-If the site looks too complicated and the information seems to confusing try another site
-If the site is taking to long to load hit the "X" button and find a new site
-For this activity you can also use your notes twice (Chart question about tariffs good place to start)
-If you cannot find the information you are looking for change the
"search phrase"
-Skip questions you cannot find the answer for and come back later
April 22, 2014
-Take a reading off the front desk and answer the following questions:

#1-Answer the Comprehension Question on the back
#2-Write a summary of every event leading up to the Civil War contained in the reading in complete sentences
#3-Explain why each event was important in complete sentences
Contest Update
After adding in bonus points, the Redskins Activity, and the Trail of Tears Journals these are the standings:
1B=31pts 1A=30pts
2B=27pts 2A=33pts

Contest Update
The game is still wide open!!!
-Each team will have a chance to gain
bonus point at the end of each class
-In order to get the bonus point the class must be focused and remind Mr. Avant about it at the end of class
-On Wednesday and Thursday all classes will take the Mega Kahoot worth 7 points in the contest (highest percentage wins)
-Contest ends on Thursday
Confederate Flag
This is the Confederate Flag it was the flag of the South during the Civil War
Who had the advantage leading into the Civil War? Explain why using evidence.
North South

. .
The Wilmot Proviso (1846)
-Congressman David Wilmot attempted to ban slavery in the land from the Mexican Cession
-He tried to add it to another Bill, which angered the South
The Compromise of 1850
-Canceled the Missouri Compromise in the land of Mexican Cession
#1-Admitted California as a free state
#2-Allowed popular sovereignty in Utah and New Mexico
#3-Banned slave trade in Washington D.C.
#4-Fugitive Slave Act
Fugitive Slave Act-
people in free states had to aid in returning slaves to southern slave owners
Write down what you think this political cartoon means and explain why you think that on a sheet of paper (at least 6 sentences).
The Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854)
-Canceled the Missouri Compromise, allowed popular sovereignty in Kansas and Nebraska
-Caused bloodshed in Kansas
-Pro-slavery/Anti-Slavery forces clashed "Bleeding Kansas"
John Brown
-Killed 5 pro-slavery supporters during "Bleeding Kansas"
Fredrick Douglass:

Nat Turner:

Fredrick Douglass on Dred Scott Case
Before the reading write down the answer to this question. What do you think Fredrick Douglass will say about the Dred Scott decision?
Douglass on Scott Decision Questions
What was Fredrick Douglass trying to say in this document? Give examples to back up your argument.

What authority did Douglass say was higher than the Supreme Court,

Why did Fredrick Douglass say that his "hopes were never brighter than now"? Give reasons/evidence to back up your answer.
Bellwork April 24th
April 23, 2014
-Take a newspaper off the front desk
-Pick up an article sheet off the front desk
-Look through the newspaper and find an article that contains an argument and fill out the article worksheet
-When you are done put the paper back up front (in order) and write the definition for popular sovereignty somewhere on the sheet
-When you finish begin studying for the Mega Kahoot!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you have a loser mentality or a winner mentality?
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