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Ethan's Burj Al Dubai v.s. Roman Coliseum

It rocks

tina moneypenny

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of Ethan's Burj Al Dubai v.s. Roman Coliseum

Burj Al Dubai V.s. Roman Coliseum Fact 1 Size The Burj Dubai is 600m high Yet... The Coliseum is only 48m high. Fact 2 Age The age of the Burj Al Dubai is 4 months On the contrary The Coliseum is 1940 years old. Even older than him Fact 3 Where It Was Built The Burj al Dubai is in Dubai.
(The richest country in the world) On the other hand The Roman Coliseam is in Rome ( A farly rich country) Fact 4 Purpose The Roman Coliseam is for an arena of entertamiant. While The Burj al Dubai is for a designed to be the center pice of a large- scale, mixed use development. Fact 5 Design Some of the design Features are Concreate honey comb pattern, which serves to protect the foundation. However The Roman Coliseum has a circle base and a concreate wall. Thankyou people For Watching my Prezi Bibliography #1. Unsuallife.com #2. Travelblog.gapaventures.com #3. Gallery.hd.org #4. oobject.com #5. publicdomiacanpictuers.net #6. news-libraries.mit.edu #7. kevinliebl.wordpress.com #8. stolaf.edu
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