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New Skool Media

No description

Christian Sontag

on 21 July 2015

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Transcript of New Skool Media

Who Are We?
New Skool Productions is a marketing firm and music label that utilizes a variety of creative and innovative marketing techniques in order to help clients gain awareness and profitability.
There are 3 main categories to New Skool's operations:
- Direct / Indirect marekting
- Events
- Market Research
Direct / Indirect Strategies
Social Media
: we will offer to run pages (twitter, IG, facebook, youtube) for clients as well as awareness campaigns.
Video / Commercials
: one of the more creative strategies we will use will include music videos demonstrating product usage with potential sale for tv use.
: offering of everything from logo design on business cards to banners, including ads available for purchase.
: combination of creation/editing of websites as well as space on our website and forums.
: distribution of promotional items through our own media outlets.
Market Research
We will develop detailed plans outlining all aspects of our clients business as well as our suggestions for them to move forward in their endevours.
Music Label
As I'm sure this may be the more interesting aspect of the idea for many of you, I want you all to know that I'm all about it too. There is a lot of overlap between the two and I think we can really make this happen. For the music I am down to find artists, make videos, beats, or promote people in any way.
(can be broken down into 2 categories as well)
- Tent / Booth Presence: memebrs from our team will stand in at street events or festivals distributing information about our client and their products.
- New Skool Parties
New Skool Productions
New Skool Parties
- Vendors
- Music
- Signage and Brand Placement
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