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Ancient Egypt makeup, jewelry and clothing

Socials Studies Final Project

Niloufar Sharif

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Ancient Egypt makeup, jewelry and clothing

Fashion and Beauty
Ancient Egypt These are my three main topics My project is about Egyptians Make-up, jewelry, and clothing which all go under the pillar of Art and Culture. Make-up Jewelry Clothing Ancient Egypt men and woman in almost all ages wore make-up. Both men and women line there eyes with a thick black eye liner known as kohl. Kohl was made from finely ground minerals and kept in elaborate cosmetic jars.Besides using kohl to line there eyes, they also used it to darken their lashes and eyebrows. Egyptians painted their eyelid with blue,green or black eye shadow sometimes made from powdered mineral.One reason that Ancient Egyptians wore eye make-up was that it protected their eyes from the sandy and dusty Egyptian weather. Ancient Egyptians also believed that make-up have magical powers. Jewelry was very important and popular in Ancient Egypt, no matter what your social class was. Ancient Egyptians wore jewelry to show their wealth and they believed that wearing jewelry would protect them from evil spirits and gave them strength. Egyptians also believed that wearing jewelry made them more attractive to the egyptian gods. Both men and women adorned themselves with ring,earrings,bracelets,decorated buttons, necklaces, neck collars, pendants and they also decorated their clothes with jewelry.Both wealthy mean and woman wore headdresses. Only rich Egyptian could afford jewelry made from gold and precious stones.Ordinary Egyptians wore jewelry that was made from colored pottery beads,shells or beaten copper. The process of making the clothing Once the flax was harvested, it was soaked in water
until it was soft. The soft flax was separated into fibers which were beaten before being spun into thread which was then woven into cloth. WOMEN Egyptian women wore full full length, straight dresses made from one or two shoulder straps. Wealthy Egyptian men and women wore clothing made from fine transported linen which was almost see through.Egyptians clothing was often pleated and they also decorated their clothes and wore headdresses. Men All Egyptian men wore wrap-round skirts that were tied at their waist with a belt. The length of the skirt was depended on the fashion of the time.During the new kingdom it was fashionable to wear a pleated garment.Men decorated their clothes just like the Egyptian woman. Children Ancient egyptian children did not wear any clothes at all until they reached the age of six, then they would wear the same clothes as an Egyptian men or woman. In the cold weather everyone wore cloaks of wool or animal skins. For evenings it was important to dress in more elaborate outfits especially if they were invited to feasts.Most Egyptians wore undied linen but rich could afford brightly colored cloth. Make-up Foot wear usually barefoot
wore sandles on special occasions and places that their foot was most likely to get hurt Wigs men and woman shaved their head and wore wigs
bad quality wigs were made from date-palm which the poor used
good quality wigs were made from human hair
children shaved their head leaving a pigtail to a side known as side lock of youth
wealthy wore head dresses THE END
I hope you enjoyed it Egyptians wore light clothes made from linen which was made from a plant called flax. Flax grows near the Nile river
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