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Are People Born or Made Evil?

No description

Cheyenne LaChapelle

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Are People Born or Made Evil?

Cheyenne LaChapelle What Causes a Person to Become Evil?
Are They Born or Made? Definition of Evil The Castle in the Forest Stanford Prison Experiment Interview Results The force of things that are morally wrong
Exercise of Power to..
Intentionally harm people psychologically
Hurt people Physically
Destroy people morally
Commit crimes against humanity Milgram Obedience Experiment Two Groups Lord of the Flies Views On Human Nature Adolf's Life Two Groups Jean-Jacques Rousseau Man is...
Naturally good Society, Experiences and Culture shape who we are John Locke Born with a clean slate Society and Experiences Shape who we become Thomas Hobbes People are naturally...
Wicked Government created to protect mankind from their own selfishness and evil Ralph Leader of tribe/government
Oldest Summary Jack Head of the choir
Thinks highly of self
Wannabe leader Key Points! Circumstances Change people
No authority= Chaos
There is evil in all of us
Instincts+situation=bad outcome Family Tree Cousin's Step-sister and Brother Daughter/Niece and Brother Adolf Hitler Maestro present at conception
Incest birth
Oedipus Complex
5-War Games Intelligence
Abused-3, smoke
Witnessed Abuse-Luther and Alois Jr.
Sexually Assaulted? Der Alte Alois Hitler Womanizer
Hardly Home
Retirement-Bee keeper
People that aren't German aren't worth time Bee Interpretation Adolf is Queen Bee Vow to Hitler
People die for him Kerosene Beehive Burning Gas Chamber idea
Adolf "didn't know whether to scream or roar with laughter" Key Point! Nature (heredity) and Nurture (environment) influence a person Guards Prisoners Made own rules
Wore sunglasses
Eight hour shifts
Normal Men Stayed in cells
No name-numbers
Normal Men What Happened? Prisoners..
Sexually Taunted
Dehumanizing tasks
Became the role Guards
Took advantage
Became role
Changed Ended in 6 days Key Point! Power can influence behavior Teacher Learner Control Shock box
Teach Learner
Punish Learner
Normal People Was taught
An Actor
Shocked when Wrong
Normal People What Happened? Key Points! People will Blindly Obey an authority Figure
Circumstances change the way a person acts Conclusion Are people born evil?-3 yes, 2 no
Reasons for evil?-Lack of morals, Family influence,mental problems, experiences, Nature and Nurture, Circumstances
Faced Evil? 2 yes, 3 no
Verbal/physical/sexual abuse Nature and Nurture Influence a person's Behavior
Circumstances influence a person's Judgement
Too much power can cause a person to change.
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