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iPad Lounge2

No description

Peter Trentacoste

on 8 March 2012

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Transcript of iPad Lounge2

Pulls tasks from Evernote (across all notes in your individual notebooks)
Syncs with evernote - if you check a box in Egretlist, it will be checked in the note found in Evernote
No need to double enter tasks - you can place them inside of notes you keep in Evernote What is your preferred method of organizing email?
How many folders do you have?
Using an iPad may cause you to rethink your organization method
I once had close to 200 folders. In hindsight, that was unsustainable and unnecesary
Now I only keep three -archive, follow-up, and hold)
Read Pete's blog post on declaring e-mail bankruptcy (studentaffairsipad.blogspot.com) Dropbox is a great way to collaborate across departments/divisions and avoid using paper.
PC/Mac client integrates well
Sign up using your nku.edu email address and make referrals to gain 500 mb free per person you get to download the pc or mac client (up to 15 gb added space)
Don't use the folders for sharing sensitive information (such as SSN) - only use J/K drives Evernote is a productivity solution that can revolutionize how you balance you work and home life
Use Evernote for "remembering" and your brain for thinking
At first, the program seems too simplistic. As you continue to use the software the power truly emerges
Every few weeks a new application that connects is released
Available on most every electronic device (this way you are never without your office).
Prediction - Evernote will emerge as the "facebook" of productivity Scansnap s1500 8th year at NKU
Recently moved from Director of Housing to Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs (interim)
Moved housing from being paper-dependent to an electronic production environment
Today - if a form can exist online for housing - it does.
Peter Trentacoste Skitch integrates well with Evernote.
Mark up websites, photos, etc and send them to Evernote Fast Ever is self-descriptive. It's a fast opening program that allows simple additions of information to Evernote.
It allows for quick entry of information without waiting on Evernote to load Softsign allows you to electronically sign word or pdf documents.
Export feature is lacking. You need to export a file to a pdf reader prior to emailing it iAnnotate is my "go to" in terms of reviewing pdfs, marking them up, adding comments, and sending them through email.
If you open a document in iAnnotate from Softsign, you can then email it out. http://studentaffairsipad.blogspot.com
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