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Welcome Back 2016-2017

This Prezi contains all of the "housekeeping" items from our back to school faculty meeting.

Brad Owings

on 18 July 2017

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Transcript of Welcome Back 2016-2017

Welcome Back!
I hope you are as excited about the coming year as I am. This Prezi will serve as the "house keeping" portion of our beginning faculty meeting. Please watch it all the way through. You will be asked to sign that you have read and understood all of the content. Here are some upcoming events...

Friday - Work in your classrooms
Monday - Convocation @ BRC - 8:00 am
Building meeting immediately following in the MS Cafeteria
Tuesday - Work in your classrooms
Wednesday - Collaboration Day
Open House - 4-6
Thursday - First Day of School
Friday - TGIF
Welcome Back
Policies to Review
School board policy 4650 regarding Student - Staff Communications
Pay special attention to the section on electronic communication because it is an area that many of us blur the lines on.

School board policy 6320 regarding Internet Usage
Pay special attention to the section titled "Privacy".
Building Handbooks
Please review the Employee Handbook and the Black Book.

Computer Usage – School time should be school time, don’t take away from instructional time, etc.

Cell Phones – Be an example!!

Professional Dress – Dress is professional. Jeans are allowed on Fridays only, but you must wear a Poplar Bluff shirt unless you hear otherwise. Stand out from the students!!

Be professional in all things we do.
Mileage and receipts must be turned in within 30 days of trip or purchase in order to be reimbursed
Don’t forget all purchases must be pre-approved – you will not be reimbursed if they are not pre-approved.
The district will not reimburse for taxes paid so get the tax exempt letter prior to shopping.

Salary Advancement
Please get all transcripts in by Sept. 1

Have every student fill out the f/r lunch form.

Money Handling Procedures
All money must be turned into the office by the end of the day.
Lunch money to the office
Be sure there is a name and amount attached to it.
Be sure to physically give it to a person.
More Miscellaneous
I have tweaked schedules somewhat. Look them over and let me know if you have questions.
First Day of School
Please be at PBMS by 7:15. Students tend to arrive early the first day, so it is better to be prepared. All staff needs to be visible and to help monitor students.
Be vigilant about security. Be aware of your surroundings. If you see someone in the building who doesn't have a tag on refer them to the office.
An Active Shooter training will be scheduled at a later date.
Sub Folders
Sub Folders are necessary when there is an emergency and the teacher is unable to prepare for a substitute. Please prepare an emergency sub folder for your room. (It may be a great idea to make it a googledoc and share it with the office). It needs to include procedures, seating charts, and work for the students to do.
Student information
Some Changes to Note...
It is important to make sure all students turn in their paperwork. If a few have not, please call home. If that doesn't work, please let me know.
Be sure every student fills out a free and reduced lunch form.
A phone call or conversation is a great way to build connections and a relationship with your students' guardians. Please make the first contact a positive one. If a student is struggling with behavior or academics, please notify the parent and share the information with them.

If you have announcements you would like posted on the school Facebook page or Twitter, please see the building reps who have access.
Parent Communication
Chromebooks - We will be making the switch to Chromebooks this year. More info to come on the roll out of these new resources.

Temperature > 100
Vomit/Diarrhea (nurse discretion)
Head Lice - Nurse discretion
Pink Eye
Possible Communicable Rash/Disease
Sting to neck or tongue
The school nurse will conduct head checks on an "as needed" basis. If we know of multiple cases in a class or suspect a student has head lice, she will check the class.
Since the district does not have a "no nits" policy, we will use professional discretion when deciding whether or not to send the student home.
During an attack, the airway becomes swollen and inflamed, causing a child’s “breathing tube” to become narrow.
The student may begin to cough or wheeze. Some complain of chest tightness.
An attack may vary from minor to severe.
Please note the “medical issues” list given to you at the beginning of the year to check and see if a student in your class has asthma.
Prompt intervention is an absolute.
Always remember to take your student’s inhaler with you if you leave the building.
Seizure symptoms may vary. Some may stare blankly for a few seconds while others have full-fledged convulsions.
Signs of a grand mal (jerking) seizure:
Loss of consciousness
Body stiffening and shaking
Loss of bladder control
What to do:
Call for nurse –If on a field trip call parents and follow doctor's orders
Call for assistance from adult. Have other adult time the length of seizure.
Place student on their side and support head, loosen clothing around neck.
Push nearby objects away from child.
DO NOT: Restrain child or place any object in their mouth.
Anaphylaxis can be caused by food allergies or bee/wasp stings. When a reaction occurs, the student’s trachea begins to swell, making it impossible for air to pass. This process can happen quickly or may begin with hives and extreme itching first. The child may put their hands over their throat and you may notice their voices begin to change.
If you suspect an anaphylactic reaction, contact the nurse immediately!
Review of policy
Students cannot transport medicine on bus. Parent must bring medication into nurse’s office.
Medication must be in original container.
Student can carry emergency medication with them at all times if ordered by a physician.
Teachers may keep cough drops on their desk for students.
A bundle of band aids will be placed in each mailbox when school starts. Please encourage students to wash minor cuts with soap and water. Have them place a band aid on the area.
If you have a child who takes medication and you are on a field trip that the nurse or guardian is not attending, please make sure you check the following prior to giving medicine:
Right student
Right medication
Right time
Shake Inhaler
Remove cap and place in child’s mouth
Encourage student to close lips around inhaler
Count to three and on three have the student take a deep breath as you push the top of the inhaler container down.
This can be done two times.
Contact school nurse immediately
Parents should be called immediately.
Follow steps on the side of epi pen
Step 1: Pull off gray activation cap
Step 2: Swing and jab black tip into outer thigh. ALWAYS inject into outer thigh. Hold for 10 seconds. You can inject the epi pen through jeans.
Always note the time you gave the epi pen.
Anytime an epi pen is administered, emergency personnel must be called immediately. The medication will only last 15 minutes!
Note: Some students have their own personal Epi pen or they are stocked in the nurse's office.
Anytime a child needs to check their blood sugar, please send to the nurse’s office.
Please refer to the signs and symptoms sheet.
If a child states that they don’t “feel right”, please do not send the child alone to the nurse’s office. Please call the nurse.
Anytime a child has hit their head or has been hit in the head, they must be seen by the nurse! Please have someone escort child to nurse’s office. Never send the child alone.
If a child has fallen and you suspect a head or neck injury, please do not move the child. Call the nurse immediately.
My personal goal is to empower each of you to be the most positive person in the life of your students. I want to serve you so that you can provide the greatest impact on your students possible. I believe in you.
Personal Facebook Posts
Be smart about what you write and what photos you post. Do not use student names, identifying items specific to school, staff, or students.
School board policy 2400, regarding Confidentiality
We will discuss this more at our meeting, but this policy outlines the things considered confidential under FERPA as well as the District.
A breach of this policy may be just cause for dismissal.

School board policy 2655 regarding Bullying
School board policy 2130 regarding Harassment
This one is pretty straight forward although we may touch on it briefly at our meeting.
Harassment – A form of discrimination, occurs when the school or work environment becomes permeated with intimidation, ridicule or insult that is sufficiently severe or pervasive enough that it unreasonably alters the employment or educational environment.
School board policy 2770 regarding Seclusion and Restraint

School board policy 4630 regarding Staff Conduct
Make note of the 17 items on the list.

School board policy 4810, regarding Sexual Harassment
It is important to note the section on reporting sexual misconduct. It must be reported immediately to a district official.
PB R-1 Mission
Achieving excellence through learning: Every child, every hour, every day.
My Mission
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