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Emily Johnson

on 20 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Ten minds are better than one. Or are they?
"Rules" of Brainstorming
No judgements or criticism during the process
The wilder the idea the better
More, More, More....then more
Combine and build off ideas
Groups do not create more ideas than an individual alone
Production Blocking: having to wait your turn
Performance anxiety
People do not actually facilitate correctly
Can create a negative group climate
Lack of equal participation
Issues with choosing the best solution
Hard to converge
Let's try it!
You will all be a superhero
Our problem: Redesign the concept of an ice cream cone.

Use your superpowers and ideas to help generate solutions
The History
Brainstorming was created by Alex Osborn in 1939
Felt criticism and judgement inhibited people from creative idea formation
Source: (Mongeau & Morr, 1999)
Rolestorming was developed by Rick Griggs in the 1980's
The SPARK increases creativity in others!
It works if....
It is facilitated correctly
There are creatively diverse members
Fun environment
There is no criticism
The group can diverge to one solution
Everyone needs to have some understanding of the issue
Providing all participants with the option to be someone else.
Limits feelings of inferiority
Allows participants to add a new level of creativity
Allows boundary pushing
Grows your team, bringing in perspectives from new people

Good Luck Team!
Group is diverse in thought and experiences
Team is 7-12
Group has knowledge of the topic to pull from long-term memory
Group can motivate each other to compete for better ideas
Going forward
If using traditional brainstorming it must be done correctly
Adding Brianwiritng will produce more ideas

Source: Mycoted, 2013; Mongeau & Morr, 1999; Science Progress, 2013; Taylor, et. al, 1958
Sources: Brown & Paulus, 1997;Mongeau & Morr, 1999; VanGundy, 2013
Sources: Brown & Paulus, 1997; Harvey & Kou; 2011; Mongeau & Morr, 1999; VanGundy, 2013
Sources: Brown & Paulus, 1997; Mongeau & Morr, 1999; VanGundy, 2013
Sources: Linker, 2011; Science Progress, 2013; Mycoted, 2013
Sources: Brown & Paulus, 1997; Harvey & Kou, 2011; Mongeau & Morr, 1999
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