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Air Pollution

No description

Kinji Arikawa

on 2 June 2013

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Transcript of Air Pollution

When did air pollution start? SOLUTIONS HARMFUL EFFECTS Air pollution has been on this planet for a long time, even before cavemen existed. It goes way back to the existence of the Earth.
When volcano eruptions would occur they spread ashes and sulphur dioxide,
This was one of the first forms air pollution.
Forest fires are also one of the first forms of air pollution.
Eventually, industralization increased rapidly and so did the rate of air pollution. INTRODUCTION Air pollution
factory AIR We as individuals should start taking steps to reduce their use of fossil fuels.
Purchase more energy efficient appliances.
If possible, burning cleaner fuels like biodiesel. Possible solutions Air pollution The most dangerous problems of air pollution come from the greenhouse gas effect or "global warming"
The ozone layer is depleted by the hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide produced from the smog Main problems caused Ozone depletion It mainly happens in almost every country around the world. But 2 major places that have very severe air pollution are cities like Los Angeles and Rome. Where do they mainly happen? POLLUTION Convert harmful pollutants to less harmful discharge before they ever leave the cars' exhaust system.
Made of transition metals
Coated with ceramic support which provides large surface area for the reactions.
Also ceramic take little time to cool down Firstly, air pollution is really bad. And we humans release many
harmful gases into the atmosphere. It can occur when air contains gases, dust, fumes or odour in harmful amounts.
These substances that cause air pollution are called pollutants. What kinds of gases are given off? Harmful gases such as:
Sulphur dioxide
Nitrogen oxide
Carbon monoxide
CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons)
Air Particle Index (API)

They also give off non-gaseous products such as:
Toxic metals such as lead and mercury
Odors FACTORIES: A huge contribution to air pollution PROBLEMS Carbon monoxide=very deadly to our bodies, binds to the haemoglobin in the blood and stops oxygen transport, leading to heart diseases.
Sulfur dioxide=dissolves into rain to form acid rain and damages crops, buildings and animals. Also causes lung cancer and breathing problems Catayltic Converters China, the country we live in, is also another good example of a country with bad air quality. China Australia USA Greenland SAHARA Rome Thank
You When did air pollution start? Facts:
Atmospheric particulate matter - also known as particulates or particulate matter (PM) - are tiny pieces of solid or liquid matter associated with the Earth's atmosphere. HARMS The damage to the ozone layer will cause more ultraviolet rays from the sun to enter our atmosphere, which will cause cancer and damage to crops. A hole in the ozone layer Nitrogen oxides=causes lung cancers and breathing problems, sometimes forms acid rain
Lead compounds=it harms the body's nervous system which leads to brain damage and behavioural problems. Drivers should start to use catalytic onverters
They contain a catalyst that catalyses the conversion of oxides back to nitrogen and oxygen.
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