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Lord Of the Flies

No description

dave paz

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Lord Of the Flies

7. Describe the dance on the sand during the storm. 4. Why do Ralph and Piggy go to the pig roast? How is their reason prophetic? Ralph and Piggy go to the pig roast because they wanted to make sure that Jack and his tribe doesn’t do anything bad. This reason is prophetic because it foreshadows how Jack’s tribe will do wrong; by killing piggy, forcing Samneric to join their tribe and hunting down Ralph. Their dance is basically a reenactment of them killing the pig, while the littluns ran around and jumped around them. All while they chanted “Kill the Beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!” Lord Chapter 9 Of the Flies SUMMARY Simon is awaken to a bloody nose and an approaching storm. He staggers to the mountain side, only to find in faint light, a dead pilot with his/her parachute rising and falling with the wind. Thinking he should tell the others of his find.
Ralph and Piggy go to Jack's feast in hope of controlling the events that had spiraled in the previous chapters.
Jack is seen as the king at the feast, behind his painted mask and seating on his throne. After the meal, Jack announces his invitation to Ralph's members to join him. While Ralph tries to convince the others to return to his tribe, to contribute in the act of returning home.
As a result, they chant and dance in numerous amounts of several circles. The excitement of the dance creates a frenzy, and an reenactment of the hunting of pigs. QUESTION TIME Simon rises from the shadows, but is seen from the excited, frenzied members as the "Beast". They gather around him and started doing the ritual. "Kill the Beast! Cut his Throat! Spill his Blood!"
Simon tries to explain his predicament and the idea of the "Beast" as the dead pilot, but it was too late. The tribe member violently kill him. 1. What does Simon discover about the ape-like beast? How does he feel when he makes the discovery? Simon discovers that the beast wasn’t real, it was just the boy’s fear playing with their minds and that it was actually “harmless and horrible”. He also feels that he should tell everyone down at the beach that the beast isn’t real, so they can stop worrying about a vicious “boy” eating beast. 2. Why do you think Simon released the tangled parachute lines? What does this show you about him? Simon released the tangled parachute lines because he felt sorry for the guy, that he was trapped pitilessly in the layers of rubber and canvas. This shows his considerate and sympathetic side, because he cares about the dead and the living. 3. Ralph teases Piggy by squirting water toward his glasses. How would Piggy usually react? How does he react this time? Why this change, do you suppose? Piggy would “retire meekly as usual in pained silence” to clean his glasses. But this time he defends himself, he splashes water back at Ralph in defiance. I believe the author put this change of character in Piggy because this scene foreshadows Piggy’s death. It shows he’s willing to go and confront Jack, to get his glasses back. 5. When Ralph and Piggy come upon Jack’s party, what is it that “breaks the ice”? When the boys cooking their meat at the fire, accidentally burns Piggy with it, causing him to squeal and dance about. 6. Jack “looked down from behind his paint at Ralph and Piggy.” What does that rather unusual sentence say that more common phrasing would not? (For example, why doesn’t the author just say that Jack looked at them?) This sentence helps explain the differences between Ralph and Jack. For Jack is changing more and more into a savage while Ralph still represents the boy’s chance at rescue. 8. Who crawls out of the forest? Why don’t the boys recognize him – or do they? The “beast” that crawled out of the forest turned out to be Simon. The group of boys didn’t recognize Simon because when Simon first came out of the forest he was crawling and did so uncertainly which lead the boys to think he wasn’t one of them. Also the terrified boys were in the middle of their dance when Simon came out of the forest, so they were caught off guard and reacted instinctively out of fear. 9. How does the mood of the chapter change when the rain ceases? The mood starts off as immense violence; there’s a storm raging, lightning’s flashing overhead and the tribe encircles Simon and stabs him constantly. But that mood changes to a sense of peacefulness and respect because it represents how Simon died trying to save the other boys. VISUAL TIME
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