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The House of The Scorpion

Book's Short Analysis

Consuelo Godoy V

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of The House of The Scorpion

The House of The Scorpion Matteo Alacrán was not born,
he was harvested Matteo Alacrán Matt was a normal boy who was about
to know a big secret . Since very young age, Matt knew just
one person, Celia.
After many years without having contact with any kid his age,
Matt knows someother children. In this group of children, Matt knows Maria, which will open
Matt eyes and also will lead him to a whole story. At the bigining he was an innocent boy
but with timehe was growing up rebeL and
secure about the EL patron's protection When Matt knows El patrón and all his stories
he found out that he is a clone of El Patrón. Matt gets very close to Maria, who seems to care a lot about him even though everybody tries not to get close to Matt. After a bunch of events Matt knows that he is "Property of the Alacrán State", what does this mean? Matt still does not realize about it. Having spent 6 months imprisoned by Rosa, a horrible maid of the Alacrán mansion, Matt was finally free since Maria and Celia told El Patrón everything that happened. When at last Matt knows El Patrón, he notices that he has a lot
of advantages for being the "protected" so he start acting arrogant After noticing his clone condition, Matt feels a lack of identity which lead him to not understand anything about parents or family. Matt's bodyguard, Tam Lin is the person who teaches everything about Opium to Matt, he is seen as a parent for Matt and they create a close bound between them. Since Maria and all the others go almost every holidays to El Patrón Mansion, she and Matt spend more time together in which Matt start falling in love with her. Years pass by and El Patrón is "finally" dead by a heart attack. As Matt was created to give his organs to him, Celia planned to give small quantities of arsenic in order El Patrón could not use Matt's heart. Matt and El Patrón relationship was very closed since he was his life. In one chapter Celi calls Matt "Mi vida", and El patrón adopted it and call him "Mi vida" too, this means that Matt belonged to him and actually was him. Mr. Alacrán, El Patrón Great-grandson, orderer to kill Matt since he was not useful any more. This causes a big harm since Matt was seen as an object an not as a human being. Matt constant rejections by people in the house and later on in the plankton factory, makes him remember El Patrón life lesson which made him not give up. When things start to decline in the book, Maria and Matt are finally together which was the obvious result. Matt returns to Opium just to found out that everybody is dead except for Celia, Daft Donald, one of El Patrón bodyguards, and Mr. Ortega, Matt's piano teacher.
The last lines in the book tell us that Matt imagines Tam Lin's voice saying "you can do it", to take control Opium and his life, Matt says "I know I can" referring that he does not feel a clone anymore but a human. Matt did not like the idea of being the same as El Patrón, so when he was tell that he had music skills, something El Patrón did not have, he felt somehow different. The plot of The House of The Scorpion talks about cloning, and how EL patron use this clones in order to life-prolonging, and that way to rule the Opium state for years and years.

Matt is El patron’s clone, and the whole story is about Matt’s life, and everything he had to past through because of his clone condition. Maria is Matt’s love and she always is trying to protect him with Celia’s help, she is the maid who takes care of Matt and keeps him safe, give him a good and healthy life, in order to assure his organs to the EL patron’s purpose.

El patron is always protecting Matt, but just because his life is on Matt’s hands, he calls him “mi vida” because his life depends on Matt’s healthy lifestyle.
A Lot of troubles Matt’s had to past through, and at the time El patron died, he was THE organ obligate donor to el patron’s transplant, at the end Celia told El patron and the doctors that she was poisoning Matt in order to El Patron couldn’t use his heart The book ends with the return of Matt and Maria to Opium State, and naturally Matt was the indicated to keep with El patron’s mandate. Just Celia and the El patron’s bodyguard, Daft Donald were alive, the rest have died in the EL patron’s funeral, because of the poisoned wine. Mi vida... A story about slavery, identity and science.... Some important topics
and devices The Metal Chest As we have read, Tam Lin was very close to Matt, they became really good friends and he represented a vision of father to Matt.
When Tam Lim, leave with El Patrón, he left Matt a chest full of provisions and books back in the Oasis. This means the world to Matt since he realized that someone cares about him and that he has a friend in Tam Lin. Identity Since the very beginning we can notice
that Matt knows nothing about family or parents. When Tam Lim told him, he was a clone of El Patrón he was devastated because a lot of questions arose. Finally, at the end we can see that Matt had endures this and becomes the new Patrón. Mi vida... This was a repetition during the story. Celia used to call Matt "Mi vida" as a warm phrase to refer to him. But when El patrón listens to it, he uses it as well but with another connotation. Matt, as his clone, represented El Patrón's life, so this was a form to let Matt know that his life belonged to him. Marcella Baez R.
Consuelo Godoy V.
Sebastian Toro S.

Taller Intercultural
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