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Neosentience as Sensitive Persistence

This is a presentation given during Bill Seaman's Human as Electrochemical Computer class, conceptualizing his 'Neosentience' as a process of sensitive persistence. At the time I had not encountered Varela and Maturana's autopoesis.

Elliott Hauser

on 21 April 2011

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Transcript of Neosentience as Sensitive Persistence

Neosentience Sensitive Persistence Post-Algorithmic Computation Interface --> Insight Persistence Sensitivity Insight Interface Computation After Algorithms In terms of information:
lossless transmission (or better)
In terms of entropy:
In terms of biology:
homeostasis Lossless Transmission Entropic Shunting Gaining Information Spontaneous Process Chain reaction How to persist while obeying the 2nd law information biochemistry Ways of Persisting
Like a rock
Like a flame
Like a nucleotide
Like an organism
Like a brain
Like a culture? Sensitive?
Like a rock
Like a flame
Like a nucleotide
Like an organism
Like a brain
Like a culture? Not very Extremely Cognition as Sensitive Persistence Learning: Patern Flows Neronal Networks: Accumulating potentials Sensitivity Persistence Neuronal: Biochemical integrity Temporal: Resilient networks Connection 'Entanglement' 'Mutual Causation' Causal = or Interface + Sensitive Persistence = Insight Insight Can Be Generated: Seaman's Insight Engine e.g. phospholipid barrier
organism and environment
quantum entanglement
perception & thought
conversation Face-to-face interaction introspection automated systems reading Brains are sensitively persistent Computers

They generate Insight through multisensory interfaces
into the physical work
into other brains
into themselves Seaman and Rossler discuss 'The Brain Equation' Sensitive complex systems are non-determinate If brains have an equation, it is non-algorithmic Reproduction & heredity as interface [connection] physical reproduction [causality] genetic heredity producing another discrete individual progeny more like one's self than others + = [Interface] Environment Organisms + [Interface with environment] = Evolution [or, organismal Insight
into biological persistence
within an environment] post-algorithmic theory of computation Algorithm = Logic + Control [self-organization] Computational irreducibility Running in real time + but, in a brain,
what are 'logic' and 'control'? An algorithm can be regarded as consisting of a logic component, which specifies the knowledge to be used in solving problems, and a control component, which determines the problem-solving strategies by means of which that knowledge is used. The logic component determines the meaning of the algorithm whereas the control component only affects its efficiency. Kowalski, 1979 Conrad argues, plausibly, that a distinguishing feature of a brain is its 'non-programmability'

The 'Logic' of the brain seems to emerge out of neuronal potentials, not a programmed logic Neosentient cognition should be viewed as a sensitively persistent system: persistent through time, sensitive to the various entanglements induced by its interfaces. [causal connection] thought evolution atomic structure Interfaces Evolution as Insight: Sensitive to What? What would a post-algorithmic theory of computation look like?
What could it do? Represent cognition as a computation Guide development of neosentient systems Distinguish between cognitions The paradigm of Sensitive Persistence could ground a post-algorithmic
theory of computation Represent evolution as a computation Provide a domain-independent defintion of information = [causal connection] The Neosentient will be senstively persistent:
accumulating embodied insight (persisting)
through multisensory interfaces (sensitively) Definition of Sensitive Persistence Penrose & Hemmeroff
Bio, Nano --> Seaman 'Mind reading' Smale (--> Siegelmann) Neuronal
Catalysis Reasons we can't use algorithms to describe cognition: New Mathematics
(akin to partial differential)
Manifold Theory Sensitive to What?
Persistent How? What are all the variables at operation?
Instead of algorithm, what are the best ways to point at those things?
What Points at these? Pointing Machines that help us study these? Varella - AutoPoesis Non-sensitive computers can assist sensitively persistent brains in creating neosentience: Sensitivity How can sensitive persistence best inform a future appr0ach to information studies in general? Reference interview on sensitive persistence... List of questions Flow maps/entailment structures of sensitive persistence? Thought experement of perterbations.
---> to generate a theory Gould's punctuated equilibrium & sensitive persistence Persistence Interface Insight A Cybernetic System: Not a science/engineering problem Human Complex System Sensitively Persistent [Interface] [Accumulating Insight] [Accumulating Insight] "A philosopher says "Look at things like this!""
-Wittgenstein My request:
"Look at things as sensitivly (or not) persistent (or not)" Why? because this is insightful. Let me try to convince you... Conventional computers are persistent but not sensitive In other words, we can't have neosentience until we have sensitivity But sensitively persistent systems will ALWAYS generate insight into any system they have a suitable interface into e.g.: Pask
This class Introduction Transmission Process How are these changing over time? organisms changing environment environment changing organisms What happens when sensitive persisent systems interface? just produce an interface for a sensitively persistent system [senstitive persistent system] = Seaman's insight engine I suggest we need a The other systems & comples phenomena I've mentioned don't lend themselves to algorithmic charectorization either Face-to-face interaction evolution reading introspection Seaman's Insight Engine atomic structure thought but we can (and should) view them as computers/computations to move forward to gain insight Persistence Insight Sensitivity Interface self-interface taxonomy of sensitivities|persistence recursion persistent interface sensitive interface sensitive persistence artist as SPS creativity as insight internal interfaces e.g. between body systems
e.g. in codes/traslation cascade of interfaces 'sequential induction' recent theory of embryology about how cells influence each other during development: induce behaviors over time interface as way of being
entangled interface
no need to distinguish objects? insight as a gradient
- creativity and emergence as top
- everything (via causality) insightful

maybe a relativization of 'emergence'? heeb's law--> learning learning as insight logic: induction
inference induction
inference Sensitive Persistence and Logic? intuition? pre-cognitive? closer to sensitivity?
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