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all about sahar

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on 8 October 2015

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Transcript of all about sahar

i like school but i am in fourth grade and i have lots of homework. also i like the science experiments we do in class.
the reason why I added tall buildings is because I live in downtown denver and downtown dever has tall buildings. I also live upon tall buildings.
near eagle county
we are about 60 miles away from denver. we are near the place when people were mining gold.. but that means we are still in colorado. How wide is colorado?
i went to canyonlands national park by using this road. also i like this road because it tells us we are in utah. we are more than 200 miles away from downtown denver. I wish i was at home all this time.
my mother used to work here now she is at another company
this is white wave
all about sahar
I live in an aparment also there is a senior life apartment that is next to us also there is a bus stop that is near us . The bus stop is also a gathering of friends .
I have a 4s that I bought in 2013 and a 5s that my father used to use it but now it is now mine! :)
in about 8:00 Am in the morning, we stop at a hose and there is up to eight children at this stop! That is a lot of children in that stop!
this is my favorite part of tech i am a real fan of computer. Me and my sister got them this August!!!!
i was born in maryland but we stayed here about a year then we started visting our relatives starting about 2011 we stopped going to maryland.
this is where my school is also we go to downtown denver also. this is my neighbor
this is ardent mills about 1.5 miles away from my apartment my mother may work in this company or she wont but my father works here
this is where i live
the bus stop with the most children
downtown denver
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