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THe plague By Albert Camus

No description

Nathan Potts

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of THe plague By Albert Camus

About the Author
Albert Camus was born in 1913 in Algeria which influenced very heavily on his works.
He got his degree in philosophy at the University of Algiers. (Fun fact he played goalie just like me :)
Camus joined the French Resistance in order to liberate Paris from Nazi occupation.
Wrote mostly with the techniques of absurdism and existentialism.

Literary elements
Plot- An Algerian town called Oran has fallen under quarantine because of a raging bout of the bubonic plague. Officials are moving slowly to treat it so Dr. Rieux must take matters into his own hands.
Characters - Dr. Bernard Rieux is the protagonist of this story. He is the only doctor in Oran who is willing to move quickly to treat the fatal virus. Several other medical members of the medical staff include Dr. Castel and Dr. Richard. Jean Tarrou diaries the whole plague which gives the narrator better means to describe it. Raymond Rambert is a journalist who came to inquire on the sanitary conditions in Oran.
Oran is an Algerian city set in a temperate climate. The sun during the day blazes intense heat on the city and at night the frigid air keeps people tucked away in their homes. Heavy rains add a sense of gloominess and despair.

Common Themes
Freedom and Confinement-the citizens of Oran loose all freedom to travel outside the city which is ironic because they don't anyways. (lol wat?)
Dr. Rieux's view is First Person with the diaries entries of Tarrou's to back him up. Rieux uses first hand accounts of working with victims to accurately tell how the plague affected Oran.
Books Specs
The Plague
was published in 1947 with the original title being
La Peste
. It tells of an Algerian town called Oran struck by the bubonic plague which was carried by rats. There are many questions asking about the nature of destiny and human conditions.
The plague By Albert Camus
prezi by Nathan Potts

Mortality-anyone in Oran could have their life snatched away at any moment by the plague
Time-With the gates closed the citizen feel as if they are trapped like rats and time passes very slowly. One man even resorts to moving peas from one plate to another!
Camus uses many ideas from HTRLLAP to really juice the story up.
1.The people Oran are symbolized by the rats that carry the virus and die (BEN MOSTAD SPOILER).
2.There are many forms of Conflict in this story from Man vs Nature (the virus) to Man vs Himself (Individual desires to live).
3.Religion seeks to explain the suffering and rationalize it.
What keeps you coming back?
Camus's use of symbolism, suspense, and absurdism.
For example, you never quite know if Dr. Rieux is going to contract the virus and ultimately die.
Cool video
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