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My Narrative

No description


on 25 September 2015

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Transcript of My Narrative

The Rebellion...
By Nastasya stasiv

The process:
To come up with my story, all I did was think of a noun, and build up on it to make a story...
So, I thought there should be a mighty tree ent in my story.
- It is original
- The story is tightly wound, so there is no room for characters to make mistakes
- That adds to suspense
The Star of the show, Nika Reblar!
Special characteristics:
Welcome to Oblivia!!!
What is Oblivia?
- Oblivia is home to the tree ents, which give words of wisdom to anyone who seeks it. Once they give away all of their wisdom, they wither away and die. In this story, there is only one tree ent left.

What you see in Oblivia:

- Terrain resembles teal silk
- When the wind blows, the silky land creates ripples
- Sky is white

What you smell:
- Fresh, crisp air
- Abundant smell of eucalyptus
- Minty aura
What you feel:
- Once you enter Oblivia, you feel light on your feet, as you would feel on the moon
- All stress goes away
- If you stay there for too long, you forget why you came
What you've all been waiting for... PLOT!
- Starts off in the rebel's home, the subway station of Manhattan, NY
- Rebels are nervous because the government has been secretive lately
- So, Nika and Dorothy meet up
Rising Action
- Dorothy tells Nika about Oblivia and the government plans to eliminate the rebels, by turning the United States into an aristocracy.
- In order to do so, they have to ask the tree ent of wisdom.
- The rebels start a rebellion because they do not want the tree to die.
- They show their anger by graffitiing on the White House
Climax: In Oblivia
- Nika wants to get to Oblivia before the government gets there, so she volunteers herself to go warn the tree ent
- Nika is sooooo close to forgetting why she came to Oblivia
- Nika told the tree ent about her thoughts on there being equality in the society she lives in
- The ent grows into this huge mother tree, because it gained wisdom from Nika
Falling Action:
- Nika exits Oblivia
- The president awaits her
- Nika tells the president to come take a look at the tree ent
- The president is so mesmerized, he forgot why he came there, and lived there forever.
- The rebels now rule the United States!
- Nika is declared president for being brave
- Nika apologizes to Dorothy for lying to her all this time
- Dorothy is declared vice president

Stepping into the portal to Oblivia was like appearing in the middle of an unfolding map of a mystical terrain. Nika planted her foot on the teal land, and her body bounced back slightly. Nika was aghast - she has never felt as light on her feet before, she has lived on the leaden grounds of the subway station her whole life. The incense of eucalyptus brought by the wind, and the tranquility of Oblivia was antithetical to her life in the subway station. The brightness of the white sky made Nika squint, as the dimness of the subway station has dilated her pupils her whole life. The thoughts of the conflict between the rebels and normals subsided. Nika has never felt this way before.

Scene Excerpt:
Why Should this story be made into a tv series?
- Because it is captivating and it highlights very important morals :
1. No matter who you are, you should fight for what's best for your family
2. Collaboration is the key to success
Which strengths do I bring to the table?
- I have creativity, and I make plots exciting by adding lots of twists and suspense
Thank you for listening! you should work with me because I can influence the movie-watchers and book readers to follow these important morals I convey throughout my story.
Why will this story be the next biggest hit?
Nika is as cunning as a witch
Nika is as brave as a lioness
And as careless as the course of a meteor
Nika is a part of the rebel gang
Her father, Ares, is the gang leader
She is the messenger for the rebels; she uses Dorothy (the president's daughter) as a source of information for what the government is planning on doing next
Nika's fakebook account:
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