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This Little Light of Mine

Service Learning Project about the Achievement Gap.

Laura Lee Stroud

on 9 December 2010

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Transcript of This Little Light of Mine

I asked students the question: do you know what the achievement gap is? Our Process Service Learning Grant

students wrote a proposal to fund our project

the grant was funded with $500

we purchaced mics and flip cams

bought food for the Community Share Night “One word expresses the pathway to greatness: voice. Those on this path find their voice and inspire others to find theirs. The rest never do.”
~Stephen R. Covey What I knew the acievement gap was a major focus for our district
the kids knew nothing about it What I wanted to know what would learning about the achievement gap do for the kids?
What we learned 2009-2011 District Goals

Accelerate TAKS gains for economically disadvantaged, African American, and Hispanic students to reduce the achievement gap. students created questions
ithen nterviewed selected teachers and administrators students searched for information on achievement gap
students used computers for personal use
needed help to find information and synthesize it
required time I hadn't anticipated Students chose to create products to showcase to community STRIVING
Invites you to come join us

WHEN: MAY 12th
5:00p.m.-7:30 p.m.
WHO: Chisholm Trail Middle school students from the service learning announcement
WHAT: To explain to students, friends and family about the achievement gap and bring awareness and what we could do to make it better and why we should care.

Invitation third space "I can't be myself in class cause the teacher's wouldn't understand it..." Bhabha's argument is that third space is produced in and through language as people come together, and particularly as peopl resist cultural authority, bring different experiences to bear on the same linguistic signs or cultural symbols and, likewise, different signs and symbols to bear on the same experiences. (Moje, Ciechanowsk, Kramer, Ellis, & Carrillo, 2004) using both the children's languages and classroom languages.
teachers use student cultural knowledge as a resource
everyday classroom literacy pratices can become resources for student learning (Guierrez, Baquedano-Lopez, and Tejeda 1999, p. 287) ...Transormative Education recognizes the importance of voice, the need for education to foster the critical consciousness that leads to speaking one's personal and social truth. Voice takes special force when words are not only spoken but also written. Home and community are seen as integral parts of the studnets' lives as well as valuable sources of knowledge. (Ada, & Campoy, 2004)
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