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The Mate: Union with the other. Women Who Run With the Wolve

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Marta Kublina

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of The Mate: Union with the other. Women Who Run With the Wolve

The Mate: Union with the other.
Women Who Run With the Wolves, Chaper 4.

Hymn for the Wild Man: Manawee

If women want men to know them, they have to teach them some of the deep knowing.
The Wild Man seeks his own down-under-the-earth bride
What does a woman truly desire?

The Dual Nature of Women
Two names =
Two natures
of the feminine
To win the wildish woman`s heart, a mate would understand her natural duality through and through
From an
archetypal perspective
– two powerful feminine forces within a single woman

The power of two
Both sides must function as a whole
Each side of a woman`s nature must have a knowing or a translation of one another.
If one side is hidden or favored too much, woman can`t access to her entire power.
We are strong when we stand with another soul
Likewise – both sides of the dual nature must be held togeather in conscioussness – cannot be broken
Man has his own dual nature
A human nature
An instinctive nature as symbolized by the dog

The power of two

The questing after the name of person is in order to be able to summon that person, to call that person close to oneself, and have a relationship with this person
Manawee is interested in naming them to gain self- power equal to theirs
Names of two symbolic sisters in woman`s psyche
Women often crave a mate who has the wit to continue trying.
Father – intra-psychic feature which insures the integrity of things «staying togeather»

The Tenacious dog nature

Shows exactly how psychic tenacity works
Keep returning
In the world of atchetypes, the dog nature is both psychopomp and chthonic
Instinctual psyche

Creeping Seductive Appetite
Pleasures of various sorts
Mates may be tempted/attacked by something from their own unconcious for exploitative gain, whishes to entice women for its own pleasure or in an effort to banish a hunter`s emptiness.
The bone on the road is waiting for all of us.
Anti-consciousness – elemets of psyche, they thrive by keeping things dark and exciting.
Holding out for excitement – The light.

Achieving Fierceness
Ignoring the feast on the road, entincing smells – rising of consciousness of the psyche
Stranger – an actual person in the outer world or negative complex within. Both with devastating effect
Fight to hold on to the deeper knowledge
Distractions and the stranger – two things which prevent progress

The Interior woman
«Why can`t they know what I think, what I want?»
Teaching the mate ask her two simple questions : «What do you want?» and «What does Your deeper self desire?»
To love a woman, the mate must also love her untamed nature

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