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Noah Paccia

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Conformity

By Noah Paccia Conformity Maze Rats in a maze are a perfect example of conformity.
Rats in general are tested on by scientists in a number of ways. These tests are mostly based on repetition but they vary depending on what the scientists want to test. Rats, in a way, relate to humans. We navigate life like the rat navigates a maze in order to find the prize at the end, if there is one at all. Little Boxes Beauty Pageant Girls These types of things make me sick. Beauty pageants however are one of the biggest conforming events ever. It amazes me that people, judges, truly believe that this is beauty. These little girls must conform to all the rules, regulations, and trends in order to win. As you can see they truly conform to this "look" which basically makes them look like barbie dolls. Gross. "Ants Marching" This song is a perfect example of conformity. The lyrics tell of ants, or people, doing the same thing day in and day out. This repetition of activities carries them through life and they don't change a thing. This also proves the idea that conformity is easier than playing to the beat of your own drum. Clothing I believe that clothing is incredibly important, but it's a conformity. We wear clothing because it has been the normal way to do things. Aside from nudists, we are all conformists because we wear clothing. Those who don't wear clothing are labeled as weird or strange. If all of us didn't conform by wearing clothing than it wouldn't be considered a big deal. Bystander Effect The Bystander effect is valid because it is an experiment and it proves what they are trying to get across. Conformity exists in every aspect of life. They call this experiment the bystander effect. They put someone on the ground and make it look like they need help and wait for someone to help. The entire video consists of a lot of students walking around the kid and just “enjoying the show”. It takes to whole video for someone to help and that person is a teacher and that is her job to help kids. This Assignment This entire assignment is an example of conformity because we all must do it in order to get a grade and pass the class. Little Boxes is a perfect example of conformity. The video is pretty self explanatory. If you don't understand it, it basically says that people are put into molds. These molds are use by everyone and they must follow in these footsteps or they will suffer. This video tells me that conformity is easy and everybody does it. If it were me i would run just like the kid in the video. By Dave Mathews Band Driving Driving is another sign of conformity. We must follow the rules of the road. This form of conformity is actually good because it keeps us safe, for the most part. Only if you are a complete idiot and drive terribly you wouldn't be able to drive on the road, or in other words, conform. SAT's & ACT's I truly believe that the standardized tests that we are put through are a huge contributor to conformity. I myself have taken these tests and I know that they do not accommodate the students that would rather study such subjects as art, music, athletics, etc. This truly upsets me because they only test on a few subjects, which truly frustrates people if they aren't entirely privileged with knowledge in these areas. We must conform to societies belief that these subjects are important in order for you to get into a good college. I am entirely against them. Asch Asch's experiment is a major factor exploring conformity. The experiment takes a group of people and asks them to choose a line out of three lines in order to match another line. The idea is to test if one person, the non-actor, conforms to the groups actions. The results were this; "Asch measured the number of times each participant conformed to the majority view. On average, about one third (32%) of the participants who were placed in this situation went along and conformed with the clearly incorrect majority on the critical trials. Over the 12 critical trials about 75% of participants conformed at least once and 25% of participant never conformed." Drugs This video is a perfect example of conformity in the lives of students. Peer pressure is a major form of conformity. The idea of giving into whatever the group is doing is peer pressure or in other words, conformity. This can be both dangerous or rewarding. In the case of this video it is seen as being dangerous. Work Cited Profanity We conform everyday to this one rule. We also break this rule sometimes, some more than others. Swearing is frowned upon in most places. If you swear there are some consequences. We conform to this because someone at some point decided that the words were bad. We have been conforming to this idea for so long that we all agree with it and partake in not saying these words. Though, on occasion, people slip up. @#$%#$ Lawoftheharvest. "Sex Drugs Alcohol Peer Pressure: Wisdom for Teens." YouTube. YouTube, 17 June
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20 Mar. 2013. "Ants Marching" by Dave Mathews Band
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