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kdsan habtemariam

on 17 April 2013

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The headright system is a method for distributing GA land acquired from the Creek Indians. HEADRIGHT SYSTEM History The headright system began in Jamestown,Virginia 1618 because it was an attempt to solve the labor problems caused by the growing tobacco industry. Land Distribution The GA government distributed the land by giving each head of household 100 acres of land. You would also receive another 100 acres if you were a veteran. For every person in your household you would receive 50 acres. The cut off was each person was able to get up to 1,000 acres. Qualifications To acquire land through the headright system, you had to be white and a head of household. Though blacks were allowed to acquire land through the headright system and he was Austin Dabney. Advertisement The headright system was a way to attract new people to G.a Questions 1. Where was the Headright system first used?
2. Why was the Headright system used in GA?
3. Were blacks allowed to be in the Headright system? By: Kdsan Habtemariam
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