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Elizabethan beliefs

elizabethan beliefs

Ayn Siddiqui

on 12 October 2016

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Transcript of Elizabethan beliefs

• John Dee was born in a world filled with magic forces, which was with him to the end of his life.
• John Dee was an outstanding mathematician.
• John was Queen Elizabeth’s personal astrologer.
• His parents and neighbors believed that rituals and prayers of the ceremony would expel the devil and save his soul.
• While growing up he learned to conjure his own spirits, beliefs remained popular from the kings court downwards.
• John's training in magic therefore began with his experience of the catholic ritual.

Elizabethan Beliefs

The four humours
Myths and Magic
Chain of Being
Catholicism, Protestants and Puritans
• Elizabethans picture the world in 3 forms: a chain, series of corresponding planes and a dance
• The chain spread on the foot of the god’s throne to the meanest of inanimate objects like demons
• Every speck of creation was a link in the chain of being
• Idea of the chain began with Plato’s Timaeus, developed by Aristotle, adopted by Alexandrian Jewels and spread by the Neo-Platonist from the Middle Ages till the 18th century. It reached full expression in early modern Neoplatonism.



common quality

Melancholy Earth Cold and dry
Phlegm Water cold and moist
blood Air Hot and moist
choler fire hot and dry
John Dee
Creation of the humours

food is digested
carried by veins
land on the liver
to the heart
Henry VIII was the father of Mary and Elizabeth and thought he was better than the pope
When Henry VIII died, Mary became the queen and decided to follow the Roman Catholic religion but Elizabeth, her sister, believed in the Protestant religion

When Mary was queen she married Philip of Spain but everyone hated him
• Most people believed in magic and witchcraft.
• Myths were mainly created through the influence of fear and religion.
• The Elizabethan era was made up of alchemy, astronomy, astrology, mathematics, medicine, magic and sorcery.
• Elizabethans used astrology to both predict the future and to control it.
• Goblins, witches and fairies were very popular in the belief of the time.
• They are disturbing little creatures who came in at night.
• They played many horrible tricks. They would drive the people crazy, terrifying them with nightmares.
• Witches remained objects of fear. They were suspected of casting spells and preparing evil potions
• Unexplainable events were assumed to be the witches using their supernatural abilities.
• Witches in common can be old, pale and full of wrinkles.
• Witches, goblins and monsters were mentioned in many of Shakespeare's plays: Hamlet, Macbeth, Midsummer Night’s Dream. He created an important role for these creatures.
Queen Mary made a lot of people suffer and die to get them to follow her mother's religion, Roman Catholicism
When Mary died after only 5 years of reign, people were overjoyed because Mary treated them terribly
Elizabeth started the Church of England and a balance of the Church of Rome and had ritualized forms of worship and Protestant Reformation
Some people saw it as a compromise to idolatry and didn't want any roman practices, these people were called the puritans

The puritans were a group of people from the protestants that applied to their own consciences before God only
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Elizabeth became the queen and decided to follow her father's plan for religion
The four humors

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Religion-Catholics, Protestants and Puritans

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If you didn't have a certain personality, then your were considered evil. The villains in Macbeth tried to move up the Chain of Being.
there will be more of one type of
humor depending on what food
you eat
By: Ayn, Shanuja, Randip & Shania
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