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my opinion

No description

J Kostenbader

on 1 March 2016

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Transcript of my opinion

what are snowflakes made of
dont eat yellow or brown snow

its dog pee or poo
my opinion
My opinion on snowflakes. Is there awesome. Because my sister and me have a lot of fun .We build traps and houses. We build cool thing and throw snowballs and play in it that’s my opinion on snowflakes.
how there made
Snowflakes are made out of. Really cold water. It only snows when it’s most and cold. They’re all different. Shapes and sizes. They go through a few steps. It just dosed just fall out of know were the first step is they all fall as a raindrop. When that happens they form. that’s why sometimes you see rain then snow
snowflakes are made of minarals .it only snows when it is cold and moist out .You shoudn't eat snow .Its bad for you. It has dirt in it if its in the air . also there made of cold rain and if you eat it yuo could get very sick
wonderful snowflakes

by kaitlin schettino
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