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The Wise Old Woman

No description

Natalie Anna

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of The Wise Old Woman

By: Natalie Webb and Anna Pitts
The Wise Old Woman
Small village in the Western Hills of Japan.
The wise old woman (Static)
The farmer (the son) (Static)
Cruel young lord (Dynamic)
Lord Higa (Dynamic)
The cruel young lord has decided that once the people of the village turn seventy-one they must be sent to the mountains to die.
Now that we have showed you the exposition, we can now show you the plot!
Plot- The events that make up the story.
1) The cruel young lord makes all old people go to the mountains once they turn 71 to die.
2) The wise old women turns 71 and she has to go to the mountains.
3) The farmer (the son) attempts to take the wise old women but he fails.
4) The farmer hides his mom (The wise old women) in his basement for two years.
Lord Higa wants to conquer the village.
Falling Action:
1) The farmer solves the first riddle, with the help of the wise old woman.

2)They solve the next riddle, still with the help of the wise old woman.

3)Finally they solve the last riddle and have finally solved ALL the riddles
The cruel young lord realizes that people should get the respect they deserve!
Author's Theme:
The theme of this story is that EVERYONE deserves respect!
Rising Action (Plot)
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