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Vanessa Lepe

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of ANCIENT ALIENS

The course of human civilization has been influenced by extra-terrestrial visitors
The Evidence
Megalithic Construction
The Manna Machine

The connection between the evidence and the thesis, is that past ancient people have been visited by extraterrestrials. Allowing them to posses knowledge of creating things that now a days are not possible
Megalithic constructions
Example 1
Example 3
Example 4
Example 5
Example 2
The Pregnant Women
Gobekli Tepe
Pyramids of Giza
The Manna Machine is known for creating manna for the Jews during there 40 years in the desert, the machine is thought to be brought by ancient aliens.

Megalithic Construction is a theory thought by people that ancient aliens came thousands of years ago and helped build our monumental sites like the pyramids of Giza.

The Manna Machine-
-Described in the Zohar, a book made up of legends
-The Zohar only benefits the people who have reached spiritual perception, so the Zohar isn't a very credible
-Where is The Manna Machine today ? what happened to it ? There is no solid evidence of its remainings
-Was there enough mositure in the air to create water that would create the algea that would make the manna?

The Manna Machine (continued )
-The manna machine is said to condense the air in the atmosphere into water, then from there create some type of algae that would make the manna, but is this really plausible ? who really knows?
Megalithic Construction
-There wasn't any advanced tools or machinery that could move such megalithic rocks/stones , and if there was, where are they today ?
-There was said to be a gigantic saw that would cut the stones, however there are no remainings or any evidence of such saw.
-To move the pregnant women stone (weighing about 100 tons) today it would take approximately 21 heavy-lift cranes!! WOW! imagine how they did it back in ancient times?
Megalithic Construction (continued)
-Today, moving a 10,000 pound stone is extremely difficult even with modern technology. 10,000 pounds is consider "small" in megalithic terms. So how were our ancient ancestors able to move such megalithic stones back then?
- Most of these sites have rocks that range from 5 tons to 350 tons, there are some flags raised as to how exactly they got some of these rocks on top of each other
-Even with modern day machinery, it would take over 40 heavy-duty cranes to lift some of these rocks.
-It would take approximately 1,300+ people to move one 100 ton stone!!!!!!!
After all my research, I can conclude that ancient aliens did not provide the Jews with the Manna Machine and that it may or may have not been God, but who really knows?

As for Megalithic Construction, I can conclude that our ancient ancestors could have not built such monumental sites without extraterritorial help.
Difficult to answer questions/Conclusions
-Who really provided the manna for the Jews during there 40 years in the desert ? There really isn't any evidence of God or aliens? (not to offend anyone)
-Why did are ancient ancestors decide to use such gigantic stones?
-Why would they try to do something so difficult?
-According to some scientists the pyramids were built in about 20 years, However, if that were true, the Egyptians had to place one block in five minutes for twenty years without and interruptions, and installing approximately 800 tons of stone everyday!!!!
Megalithic Construction (continued)
-It would take 10-20 men alone to move a 1-ton rock. So...how many would it take to actually lift a 350 ton rock? A LOT
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