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There Will Come Soft Rains Analysis

No description

Kelly Richards

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of There Will Come Soft Rains Analysis

This short video is a good visual of the story.
There Will Come Soft Rains is a short science fiction story written by Ray Bradbury. The story is about a computerized house that does just about everything. It starts off with the house doing it's routine of preparing the family breakfast, but the family who lived there is gone. The house does not understand and continues with it's hourly tasks as if the family was still there.
The Short Story
"Rain" is a symbol of nature. It rains in the beginning of the story and the house sings for it to go away. But at the end, the house needs the rain to help save itself because its own water system was failing. Rain is a representation of nature, and nature cannot be controlled by technology.

The house has a mechanical paranoia, which gives it a type of self-protection. “If a sparrow brushed a window, the shade snapped up” “not even a bird must touch the house!” But eventually technology can’t protect itself from nature.

“At ten o’clock the house began to die.” “The wind blew. A falling tree bough crashed through the kitchen window.” The house caught fire and it immediately began to try and save itself. It had an instinct of survival. But the house lost its battle with nature. There are limits in technology and nature will always overcome that. Like in the poem nature continues on after humans and technology.
Humanity is a representation of the house. Before the house was built there was all natural environment. But when the house built it changed all that. It was built for the needs of mankind. After mankind dies nature will continue on. The message of the story is telling us it’s our responsibility as humans to prevent this story from becoming real. Humans are becoming too dependent on technology, and one day technology will over come us all.
Humans are considered the ‘gods’ who have created and programmed the house the way they liked. Now with them gone the house is continuing on the way it was taught.

“Ten o’clock. The sun came out from behind the rain. The house stood alone in a city of rubble and ashes. This was the one house left standing. At night the ruined city gave off a radioactive glow which could be seen for miles.”

Some kind of war may have been going on and the city had been hit with a nuclear explosion. Which is important to the theme of the story: that technology can be dangerous just as much as it can be good. Technology can’t save us from ourselves. Technology can’t control nature.
Kelly Richards
There Will Come Soft Rains Analysis
Meanings in the story
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