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IB Chemistry: Quantitative Chemistry

No description

Mazen Kotb

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of IB Chemistry: Quantitative Chemistry

Quantitative Chemistry IB CHEMISTRY !! What is a MOLE? Definition: it is the amount of a substance which contains the same number of chemical species as there are atoms in exactly 12 g of the isotope carbon 12... How many atoms does one mole of hydrogen gas contain? Example Chillax..I'll explain WHYY?? Relative Atomic Mass Ethanol Like shoes and socks are counted in pairs
and eggs are counted in dozens... Chemists count atoms in moles One mole of any substance contains
6.02x10^23 atoms of that substance Answer: 1.2x10^24 hydrogen
fluorine Diatomic Molecules chlorine
iodine 6.02x10^23 x 2 =
1.2x10^24 Relative Molecular Mass (2x12.01)+(6x1.01)+(1x16)=
46.08 Question Calculate the number of moles in 4g of sodium hydroxide, NaOH Mass: 4g
Molar Mass: 40
Moles: 4g/40 = 0.100 REMINDER! Count the number of atoms in a molecule e.g 1 mole of NaCl Na atoms: 6.02x10^23
Cl atoms: 6.02x10^23
Total atoms: 1.2x10^24 eg. 2 moles of NaCl Na atoms: 1.2x10^23
Cl atoms: 1.2x10^23
Total atoms: 2.4x10^24
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