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Present Verb Tense

No description

Gary Lalria

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Present Verb Tense

Present Verb Tense
3rd person
Basic Form
Basic Form Plus S
Basic Form
Used when the verb talks about two or more person, place, or thing. The verb does not get the "S"
Ex: The dogs run all day long.
Basic Form Plus S
used when a verb talks about one person, place, or thing. The verb gets the "S"
Ex: The dog runs all day long.
1st and 2nd
Never add an "S"
Correct: I am taking my dog on a walk.
He is taking my dog on a walk.
Wrong: I am taking my dog on a walks.
He is taking my dog on a walks.
Fix Erorrs and state the form
1. You reads a lot books.
2. I climbs walls like spider man.
3. He run very fast.
4. They are about to walks home.
GROCKIT SAT ACT PREP states that "Verb tense is often a simple error to spot on English multiple choice problems, but when it comes to harder problems, you really should know the ins and outs of verb tense. Many problems, however, aren’t so simple. To master these, it’s best to learn the different tenses in English–the ones most often tested on the ACT–and their functions."
Those are present, past, and future tense. Visit their web page for more info.
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