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Cosmetic Industry

No description

Mariana de Vega

on 12 June 2016

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Transcript of Cosmetic Industry

This is the name of my company: “Red Lips”. I have chosen this name because it is attractive and I think that "Red Lips" will improve its sales. This name will make more people buy the products.
Besides being an attractive name, it is also fashionable. Industry Logo By: Mariana. Location in Spain I have chosen Madrid's suburbs. An industrial area in San Sebastián de los Reyes (grouped space: industrial and technological park) because there you can buy a piece of land for a low price and there are other industries in the same area, with good national policies that favor industrialization.
It is near Madrid, which is very interesting because it is the biggest and most important city in Spain and it has good economic resources and good highways to communicate with the rest of the country (availability of transport and communication to bring in raw materials and take away production). Products Index 1) Name of the Company.
2) Logo of the Company.
3) Location in Spain.
4) Industrial Space.
5) Type of Industry.
6) Economic Resources.
7) Infrastructures.
8) Energy Sources.
9) Human Resources.
10) Necessary Technology (machinery).
11) Raw materials.
12)Products that are going to be produced.
13) Stages to manufacture the final products.
14) Environmental Impact of the Industry.
15) Stop Animal Testing in Cosmetic Industry!
16) Video. ' Type of Industry This cosmetic industry belongs to the Light Industry sector or Consumer Goods Industry.
This is a light chemical industry.
1) Uses fewer raw materials and energy resources than other industries.
2) Less contaminating.
3) Located near Madrid with good transport links. Economic Resources Capital: This is a PYME. It is a medium-sized company with 100 workers.
To increase business profits:
We are analyzing the possibility of horizontal integration, to reduce expenses. Company: It is provided by private individuals (private company): collective (several people provide the capital, it comes from family savings) Infrastructures Large building for laboratories, production plant, administration department , package and stock area. Energy Sources Power necessary to operate machines.
Renewable energy:
1) Solar energy (generated from the heat of sun rays using our own solar panels).
2) Wind power (individual wind turbines).
3) Biomass energy (waste and plant left over's used for cosmetic production). Necessary Technology This is the machinery needed for a cosmetic complete production line:
1)Laboratory devices.
2) Emulsifying main kettle (turn over kettle, oil phase kettle, water face kettle).
3) Agitators and vacuum system.
4) All round horizontal beads mill.
5) Lobe pump.
6) Electrical and steam heating system.
Administration department:
1) Computers, computer programs for cosmetic industry and management programs.
2) Printing and scanning system.
Package and storage area:
1) Conveyor belt.
2) Forklift. Human Resources People involved in the cosmetic industrial production.
We will need a 100 workers in an 8 hours day work:
1) 4 workers for the administration department.
2) 10 workers for the laboratories.
3) 75 workers for the cosmetic production line.
4) 11 workers for the package and storage area.
We will follow all the health and safety standards needed for production ( Instituto Nacional de Seguridad e Higiene en el Trabajo, Ministerio de Empleo y Seguridad Social Español). Industrial Space Raw Materials We will use raw materials of vegetable origin:
1) Water (the only inorganic ingredient will be used as solvent).
2) Preservatives (antioxidant and antimicrobial agents).
3) Surfactants .
4) Oil fats and waxes from plants.
5) Perfumes: flowers, fruits, seeds, resins, roots, leaves...
6) Colors: Natural vegetable carrot oil, beet, henna, saffron, chlorophyll... Production Steps Step 1: Definition of the product to be manufactured. Example: Red lipstick.

Step 2: Have ready the chemical formula.

Step 3: Prepare the batch (emulsification process, using different types of kettles, after adding solvent, preservatives, humectants, surfactants, oil, waxes, colors and perfumes. Use of agitators, vacuum system and heating).

Step 4: Test the batch (consistency, microbial presence, quality control).

Step 5: Pour into container, wait till consistency and temperature are appropriate according to formula.

Step 6: Send to the package and storage area (conveyor belt). Environmental Impact This industry will have little or none environmental impact:
1) We will use clean technology (purification systems and filters).
2) Good waste management and recycling systems.
3) Energy saving machinery and use of renewable energy sources. This video lasts 8 minutes. Video We produce Green chemistry and we are environmental friendly !!! Stop Animal Testing!! My cosmetics are safe and healthy
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