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Ryan Masters

on 13 January 2015

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Because the Animal cell has many orgenelles to make the cell work properly and the Patriots players and coaches needed to work together to make them win.
A animal cell is like the Patriots
Animal cells are like the New England Patriots
Because a nucleus is the control center of a cell and the head coach controls what the the football team does.
A nucleus is like a head coach
Because the cell membrane protects the organelles inside and a offensive line protects Tom Brady from being sacked.
The cell membrane is like a offensive line
Because the mitochondria breaks down food and the defensive line breaks down the other teams offense.
The mitochondria is like a defensve line
Because a ribosome produces proteins and a water boy or girls gives water to the players.
The ribosomes are like water boys and girls
Because a E.R. breaks down substances into proteins and a specialized coach gets players ready to get subbed in.
The endoplasmic reticulum is like a specialized coach
Because a golgi body processes and transports and the assistant coach subs players out and on the feild.
The golgi bodies are like a assistant coach
Because a lysosome breaks down food and wastes and a trainer helps get rid of players injury.
The lysosomes are like a trainer
The vacuoles are like a water jug for the players
Because the vacuoles store water and water jug stores water for players.
The cytoplasm is like a captain of a team
Because the cytoplasm holds all the organeles in place and the captain makes the team work together.
by Ryan Masters and
Patrick Kowalsky

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