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Lalinna- Airplane

No description

Lalinna Lee

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Lalinna- Airplane

Airplane Project

By: Lalinna Lee

Period: 01
What is the purpose of my invention ?
* I choose this topic because it seem interest.

* I wanted to know who invented airplanes and what did they do to know how to figure out airplanes
Who was the original inventor and when was the product invented?
Who invented airplane ?
Wilbur and Orville Wright
Where was it invented ?
In Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
Year Of Invention :
How was it used when originally invented?
How is it used today ?
Back then it was use to travel like 2 peoples, it's still the same but the airplane today is a lot bigger and can carry more peoples and can carry more stuff. Airplanes have changed human life, altered our perceptions, and collapsed our concept of distance.
What are some of the innovations that this product has undergone since it's original invention?
Innovation #1 :
Back then, Airplane was not professional. Today Airplanes are much better.
Innovation #3 :
Airplane today can hold lots of things and can travels to any places you want to go.
Innovation #4 :
Airplanes today are much stronger and have more power than those back then, airplane.
Innovation #2 :
Airplanes today are much larger and has more space, back then airplanes were very small it only can hold 2-3 person.
These areas of technology best classifies the Airplanes :
* Energy and Power

* Transportation

How has this impacted society in a positive way ?
Airplanes is good because it helps peoples transport to other places. The airplane helped create the expectation of instant worldwide news and interchange.
How has this product impacted society in a negative way ?
Airplanes could crash because of the airplane not having enough fuel in it and you have to be good at controlling the airplane.
Technology :
Math :
They Successful flight required three things: lift, power, and control.
They make up the design of airplanes.
Engines (mostly steam) existed to create power. Control was the missing ingredient as proven by the large number of crashes and deaths of flying enthusiasts.
They use tool to make the airplanes.
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