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Safety in the Lab

No description

William Barber

on 8 September 2017

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Transcript of Safety in the Lab

Before setting up the lab
8th Grade LEAD
When using chemicals..
Do not touch equipment or chemicals until instructed.
Use a waving motion with your hand instead of smelling chemicals directly.
Make sure safety goggles, a lab coat as well as closed toed shoes are being worn.
Other Important Procedures
Do not eat or drink during a lab
Clean spills as directed immediately
Tie back long hair and remove loose jewelry to avoid accidents.
Know where the fire extinguisher, eye wash station, fire alarm and safety shower are located.
Safety in the Lab
Make sure you keep your work area clean & clear
Follow the teachers instructions for the specific experiment
Work Period.
September 8th 2017
DO NOW: Think of ways you could be "safe" in a science lab.
M: Answer Do Now, in your seat.
V: Level 0
P: Answer question in TTQA
Mini Lesson

-Set up the notebook under "Lab Safety", Write down any main information that is important from this video.
-What are the WWK?
Lab Safety Posters
Each group will create a poster on a specific lab safety symbol.
Each poster will include:
1. What your symbol stands for.
2. How to be preventative (What equipment you may need).
3. What are possible risks that can occur if dont follow proper procedures?
4. Where would you find this symbol?
5. Include an Image.
6. Everyone in the group will be working on a poster.
7. Chromebook procedures.
Only researching sites that include lab safety.
Document all sites utilized.
-We will have 1 more day to work on poster, then we will present.
-Would anybody like to share what they thought of so far?
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