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Copy of Upper Canada Loyalists

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Hamzah Mohamed

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Upper Canada Loyalists

Where is Upper Canada
- The revolutionary war started in 1775 and ended in 1783.
Interesting Fact
- The loyalists are people who came to Upper Canada (from America).
- They defended the British monarchy and as a result they were forced to abandon their homes and to flee to safer lands.
- All of this happen because of the revolutionary war.
They moved to areas where they knew they had loyalist supporters, i.e. Niagara

The Loyalists
About the Loyalists
Why did they come to Upper Canada
Life in Upper Canada
Interesting facts

Table of Contents
Upper Canada Loyalists
In the previous classes we have learned about the war of 1812, The Battle of the plains of Abraham. The Seven Years War, and etc. Now what we had to do for our project is in groups we had to learn about the group of loyalists that we were assigned and we had to make a Jackaw, a report and primary and secondary sources. In this project were chosen to do The Upper Canada Loyalists. In this presentation, we will discuss this....
-Upper Canada is made up of present-day Southern Ontario.
- it also includes areas of Northern Ontario:like Ottawa River, Lake Huron,and Lake Superior.
The reason why they moved to Upper Canada
- Most of the settlers in Upper Canada once lived a normal, peaceful life back in America.
-Until one day, the revolutionary war began. The loyalist who once had power lost to their power to the people who opposed them.
The people who opposed the king took control .
-All the loyalists lost their jobs and homes. The only thing left for them to do was to flee and move to the place where it was more safer and prosperous.

Settlers in Upper Canada
Life in Upper Canada
- The loyalists who moved from the revolution were able to cope with their new lifestyle and environment.
-They were given a lot of land, each family would receive around 100 acres.
-They had clothing and tools supplied to them for three years
- By the end of the 1790s, Upper Canada had a population of around 10,00 settlers

Interesting Fact
- 100 acres is around 404 686 square meters
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