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BPM Team Recommendations Presentation 042613

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Jessica Schnier

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of BPM Team Recommendations Presentation 042613

Assess the current state of BPM to identify areas for improvement that will allow BPM to best serve customers. Project Goal: Include metrics:
Should be from an internal & external perspective
Keep simple & succinct to show big picture
Include reasons project on hold (waiting for $)
Show positive impact of BPM legwork (research, benchmarking, data gathering, leveraging work) How to
Show BPM Value Recommendation: Formalize data collection plan & standardize control/post-assessment phases How to
Show BPM Value Recommendation: Assess the various process improvement methodologies, create a checklist, and align Daptiv project templates to checklist options (Project) Methodology/
Daptiv/Workload Recommendation: Simplify and shorten the Assessment Phase Assessment Phase Recommendation: Assess which reports/tools add value and create standard BPM templates (Project) Documentation Recommendation: Focus team training on BPM goals, leverage team knowledge for internal trainings, and tie individual training to IDPs. Training Methodology for Recommendations: 11 individual interviews x 2 hours = 22 hours
2 team discussions x 2.5 hours = 5 hours
Started with 19 discussion topics containing 58 discussion points
Narrowed down to 4 recommended projects and 10 recommended improvements Recommendation: Create a BPM dashboard to highlight project results with defined metrics (Project) Many projects don't fit DMAIC mold (Lean, DFSS, DMADV, Quality Improvement)
Need checklist of all methodologies, associated templates, & training
Decide in Assessment Phase which methodology applies
Add new/edit current Daptiv templates to simplify & align to methodology options in checklist
Leverage team knowledge to decide what an "average" project entails
Large enterprise projects: one project with spin-offs
Smaller projects: ~2-5 projects
Also consider non-project work: Strategic initiatives; previous project support; team coordination Shorter (a few meetings max)
Should be a conversation(s) with the business for introductions and learn high level about business needs
Have a soft go/no-go after assessment
Use a Charter document (one page; longer if needed)
Signature? (based on outcome of digital signature recommendations - see Documentation) Keep reports but discuss as a team how they should look
Attach reports/templates to methodologies & phases
Include: Financial Documents (ROI), Communication Plan, Gantt Chart, Roles & Responsibility Matrix
Leverage library of templates and tools (keep updated)
Investigate sign-off options:
Customer signs one or more tollgate reports?
Can we use digital signatures?
Is an email reply with "yes" sufficient? Training "Menu":
Various Lean/Six Sigma methodologies (new & refresher)
Organizational Improvement (big picture)
Best in class info forum with private sector expert
When/how to apply statistical tests
Program Management Professional (PGMP)
Change Management Training
Continue Daptiv, SharePoint, iGrafx training
Cross team opportunities - OD, LLS
Black Belt, Master Black Belt
Seminar opportunities SharePoint Recommendation: Update BPM team & customer sites (Project) Team site:
Clean up site
2 sites: customer/main site & BPM sub-site with limited access
Include common templates, tools & best practices
List days off on team calendar (and communicate to Lou); Larry provides SP-Outlook demo
Update and streamline customer sites based on VOC (What info do customers want from the SP site?) Status Reports Recommendation: Choose format & method for project status updates based on customer preference Thoughts:
Tailor how/when provide status update to customer: Define in Communication Plan
Use one-page status report or brief PowerPoint
SharePoint should contain meeting summary info but should not be the primary source of info
Need standard templates for different approaches (Include in documentation project)
How do Lou/Charles want to receive project updates from team? Miscellaneous Recommendation: Bill provides overview of RFI process Unfamiliar with RFI process
Include RACI in demo Recommendation: Continue the investment in technology & flexible work schedules The team appreciates these; allows mobile productivity
iPhone/iPad great because don't have to carry laptop
Need iGrafx on these
Windows tablet integrates better with iGrafx/SP Team Recommendation: Continue team gatherings and highlight individual projects at team meetings Team meetings/celebrations = good for team relationships
Like Wednesdays in the office
Continue Trivia with Lou
Do round-Robbin at team meetings to highlight projects from everyone (determine guidelines)
Need to leverage team knowledge (include with team SP project) Show project ROI (quantifiable savings) (Example)
Case studies show soft savings
Formalize data collection plan template (include with documentation project); create for departments as needed
Show before/after metrics (Impact Assessment)
Follow-up 6mo-1yr later
Assess (data) as we go through project
Educate departments about success metrics
Control phase:
Not currently done but should be
Project will not reach full potential if BPM is not involved with implementation & does not reassess after completion Methodology & BPM Value Recommendation: Need a Continuous Improvement phase The Improve phase is more iterative than the current structure allows
Need a Continuous Improvement phase with dedicated resources to finish Control phase & continuously improve
Goal should be to get results, not complete the project Many current projects involve implementing technology pre-defined by customer Recommendation: Emphasize non-technology improvements Partnering with Other Teams Thoughts:
Need to bring in partners earlier in the project
Collaboration is important; keep everyone in the loop
Engage with IT/Don't burn bridges: BPM sometimes offers solutions IT can't provide which makes them look bad
Need to provide a united front to customers (with IT, CRMs, PMs, etc)
Leverage business partner experiences (Ex: City, CMS)
Leverage OD for change management
If PM is not available do we move forward with project? (Include contract PM in TRR)
Do we manage PMs or are they in charge of their areas? Recommendation: Engage with and leverage business partners earlier and throughout project. Problem Statement: To enable the success of our customers we need to deliver value-added BPM services efficiently and consistently.
Today we deliver BPM services inconsistently and are not easily able to show the value BPM provides. To deliver efficient, consistent, and value-added services we need to implement a measurement system, standardized templates, and streamline our work effort. BPM Assessment Projected Project Savings https://www.dropbox.com/s/7vdw0fje963e542/BPM%20Assessment%20Projected%20Project%20Savings.xlsx
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