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Deep Web

No description

Lia Silberman

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Deep Web

Deep Web
Level 1:
In this level is the common web, pages like Google or Facebook.
Level 2:
In this level is the rest of the internet known porn sites, community 4chan, FTP servers, porn "jailbait", etc.
Level 3:
At this level we are already in the deep web. Is required to use a proxy to immerse yourself in an anonymous way, here you can find jailbait, "light" child pornography, gore, hackers, etc.
Level 4
This level is the deepest that a common user can be reached in the deep web. There are pages such as: Hard Candy, PedoPlanet (groups of pedophiles), the hidden wiki, videos and banned books, questionable visual material, murderers to salary, selling drugs, human trafficking and the rest of the black market.
¿What is the Deep Web?
Also known as Deep net, Invisible Web, Dark Hidden Web or the Deep Web site is simply, is everything that is not on the conventional Internet, it means, the "surface" of the Internet, like Google.
These pages can't get in a regular browser, you must use a program called Tor, journalists and others, use it to hide your IP and be, partly anonymous. Even that you camouflage your IP, the FBI can hold easily decloaking your IP and so they can find you, anywhere in the world.
Inside of the Level 4
In level 4 there is an even deeper part that can't be reached by conventional means, requires a modification of hardware called "closed shell system". This part contains, for example, child pornography "hardcore" as scat, snuff, networks of hired killers, the "law of 13" related to the Illuminati, experiments on the second world war, terrorism, etc.
Level 5: Marianas Web
Little and nothing is known about this level.It is said that it is a very dangerous level and controlled by the Government, the deeper of the deep web where "no one wants to enter".
Zion y La Liberté:
There are these two sites on the deepest of the deep web. La Liberté is a French site. To enter both Zion and La Liberte, you need invitation. The forums on these pages are so protected that you will need a username and password different for each forum. La Liberte exceeds in depth, since La Liberte only receives information and videos released by Zion, on these pages you can find for example, videos of fights to death, gender-based violence, violence against animals, videos of executions, etc. There is also a section of death fights in real time, it is said that Zion is not a physical URL that can be accessed.
The dark side
In the deep web there is much illegal material, there is a very strange place, a kind of "Wikipedia" where you can find all kinds of links to sites hidden: murders by custom, selling drugs, prostitution, money laundering, cannibalism, human sacrifice, snuff movies, traffic human organs and any kind of illegal thing imaginable.
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