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Polyurethane Elastomer Hydrolytic Stability

Review of hydrolytic stability of various polyurethane elastomers - Given at 2012 PMA conference

Robert Czeiszperger

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Polyurethane Elastomer Hydrolytic Stability

Polyurethane Elastomer Hydrolytic Stability: A Comprehensive Review

Robert Czeiszperger
Anderson Development Company Degradation Methods Mechanical Abrasion
Hysteresis Photodegradation Oxidation
(Heat) Chemical Hydrolysis A reaction with water to form other products Important Factors
Steric Hindrance
Water Absorption
Acid or Base present Polyurethane Hydrolysis
Most susceptible bonds: ester, urea, urethane
Ester degradation yields acid groups which further compounds the problem
Polyethers – most stable pH of Water Samples Test Conditions 13 Products tested
85A & 95A
PTMEG, PPG, Polyester
50°C and 90°C
Testing Interval
50°C – long term: 1,2,3, & 5 months
90°C – short term: 3 days, 1, 2, 4 weeks
Retention of hardness, tensile strength, and split tear Hardness Retention Tensile Retention 50°C vs. 90°C
90C is ~5x more degrading than 50C
Polyesters okay for 2-3 months @ 50C
Room Temperature study Conclusions Split Tear Retention Questions? 85A vs. 95A
Harder is more hydrolysis resistant Conclusions TDI ester vs. MDI ester
MDI only slightly better at 90C
Both had good retention for 2-3 months Conclusions PTMEG backbone
MDI is superior to TDI
All urethane system
Slightly better than MDI
Most stable Conclusions
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