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The Hunger Games

No description

Chloe Styles

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of The Hunger Games

"May the Odds be ever in your favor" The Hunger Games Dystopian Film Project Research of possibility for the Future Reaping, Katniss volunteered because Prim got picked Katniss and Peeta were taken to the Capital and they met Haymitch- their mentor Training: she got a ranking 11 out of 12 because she caught the judges attention by shooting an apple close to the head gamemaker's head. Was sent to the arena, tributes died. • After hearing the announcement that two people can win but they have to be from the same district, Katniss went to find Peeta, she found him injured by the river. They hid in the cave. The gamemakers sent muttations out, Peeta and Katniss climbed up the structure and met Cato Rising Action Falling Action Katniss and Peeta fought with Cato, Cato died. Gamemakers decided that only one tribute can win. Katniss and Peeta were about to eat Nightlock berries when the gamemakers canceled that announcement. CLIMAX At the “talk-show”/interview, Peeta and Katniss had to pretend they loved each other deeply because the Capitol was not happy about what they did. Seneca Cran(the head gamemaker) died by being forced to eat Nightlock berries by President Snow because Cran allowed there to be two victors. Peeta and Katniss were presented the crowns, and they were sent back to district 12. RESOLUTION Setting: Katniss:
The main character, volunteered as a tribute because her sister- Prim got picked. She can hunt, she can shoot with a bow very well. She won the 74th Hunger Game with Peeta.

Son of a baker. Can lift weight. He allied with Cato, but was found by the river by Katniss, injured. At last, he won the game with Katniss.

Katniss and Peeta’s mentor, always drunk, and didn’t really help but give a couple of advices before the games, but cared for them, and always helping when they are in the arena, he help them by sending them parachutes with stuff inside.

A tribute from district 1, he was the main antagonist, was the 'leader' of the alley that he made, was third in the Hunger Games. Conflicts: Characters: Man against Man:
• Tributes against Tributes
• Alley against Katniss

Man Against Self:
• Katniss: Doesn’t know if she love Gale or Peeta
• Katniss knows that killing is wrong, but she realized that she has to kill people before they kill her first.

Man Against Society:
• Katniss against the Capitol because she convinced Peeta to act with her to eat Nightlock Berries to let the gamemakers cancel that rule and let there be two victors. The Capitol got really mad, President Snow killed Seneca Cran(the head gamemaker) for allowing two victors. - Future
- Panem(the country that the story takes place in) Plot Diagram Terms Dystopian Characteristics • The Hunger Games: An annual event where 24 citizens, two from each district, are chosen to compete in an arena death match until only one remains. The main purpose is for The Capital to keep control of the districts and prevent rebellion. • Tributes: The term given to citizens placed in the Hunger Games. Any surviving winners are also referred to as Tributes. • Gamemakers: The official creators of the Hunger Games. They decide the layout, traps, and other environmental hazards that players will run into during the games. • The Reaping: The day when all the town's citizens converge to choose one male and one female to enter that year's Hunger Games. The chosen two leave shortly after they are chosen. Any citizen can stand up and volunteer to replace one of the chosen citizens. Discussion Questions - Do you think the people living in this society realize that they are living in a dystopia? Why or why not? - Why did Cato say "I'm dead anyway, I always was, right? I didn't know that until now." O2:02:09 00:02:57 01:16:00
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