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JV Football

No description

Colton Terronez

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of JV Football

JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL 2012 Top Row, Left: After a bad play coach Kyle looks at the other players on the sideline.
Top Row, Right: Listening to the coaches on the sideline before a defensive play, the team prepares to stop the opponent's offense.
Bottom Row, Left: Trying to intimidate the tackler Brooks Hodges stares at him as he runs the ball.
Bottom Row, Right: From the announcer's box at a Junior Varsity football game Xavier Jabary, Christian Gard, Ja-Qwan Chappell-Abbott, and Middle School coach, Brian Simmonds watch as a play develops. Top Row, Left: Brooks Hodges lead blocks for Vince Newman on the return of a Hartford kickoff.
Top Row, Center: Evaluating the team during a game, Coach Ryan Panko looks at the sideline.
Top Row, Right:Running the ball past Canton-Galva defenders Quarterback Cody Partridge runs for a first down.
Center Row, Left: Pursuing the ball-carrier, Markus Knight and Colton Terronez take angles to cut him off.
Center Row, Middle: Coming to the sideline Clayton Philpott, Vince Newman, Keifer Larsen and Markus Knight hustle off the field.
Bottom Row, Left: Readying for the next play Gage Claasseen sets himself to run a passing route.
Bottom Row, Center: Getting taped for his ankle Chris Terronez puts his cleats back on.
Bottom Row, Right: Clayton Philpott goes air born on a kick-off. PBHS JV Football Top Row, Left: Manager Sean Clay heads to the sidelines after taking water to the team during a time out.
Top Row, Middle: Blocking for the play Brandon Entz keeps a defender out of the action.
Top Row, Right: Waiting for the next play to start Dakota Reynolds, Gage Claassen, and Michael George talk about the upcoming play.
Bottom Left: Stopping the ball carrier at the line Nicholas Preheim takes out the Canton-Galva runningback.
Bottom Right: Stealing the ball Kevin Baatrup cuts off a pitch from Hartford's quarterback. Top Row, Left: Outrunning Little River defenders Clayton Philpott takes the ball down the field.
Top Row Right: Celebrating after his fair catch Dakota Reynolds cheers with Coach Panko.
Bottom Row, Left: Ending the play Kevin Baatrup, Colton Glenn, Dakota Reynolds, and Clayton Philpott give the official the ball.
Bottom Row, Right: Kaden Gibson runs through some Little River defenders fighting for the first down. “The boys worked extremely hard this past season and have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the years to come. They were a fun group to be around and their commitment to their coaches, school, community, parents, and to each other should not go overlooked. I had a lot of fun coaching these boys and I am extremely proud of each and every one of them.” -Coach Ryan Panko PBHS OPPONENT
32 Little River 34
48 Canton/Galva 14
42 Hartford 20
44 Flint Hills 6
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