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Caribbean airline

No description

rahaila gabbidon

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Caribbean airline

By: Rahaila
Caribbean Airline
Hi my name is Rahaila welcome to Caribbean airline, we are one of the best airline in the world we bring you all over the Caribbean on a relaxing and injoyabl ride. this airline is known by meany people because of the safety and the design of the plane. the 6b airport is where Caribbean airline stays and unfortunately its shutting down the only way i can save 6b air port is to sell tickets for my airline.
My airline was built to be special for my costumers. I always make sure the plane is just right for your dream vacation is with Caribbean airline. We provide our costumers with internment, free food from the Caribbean, and wifi. your flight with use will be the best.
Why should you fly on Caribbean airline?
safety is one of my main goals for my plane. We all ways make sure you are feeling safe and comfortable if not we make changes. there are doctors on our plane that has medical health thing for passengers in need. there are gas mask and parachutes if something goes wrong on our plane. we have strong built in seat belts for all my passengers, car seats are pervade for baby and young children. if the air plane is going down the seat belts hold you close to the seat. animals are kept safe in a compartment at the back of the plane. we always make our plane as safe as possible.
* adults 950$
*teenagers 850
*kids 12 and under 550$
*baby's 100$
Air and flight in Canada!

Chris Had field was the first canadian to fly up into space. Chris had-field dream was to become a astronaut, and since 1992 he had been apart of canadian space programs. On December 12 Chris Hatfield did a 5 month stay in space to come back to Canada and tell use about space.

properties of air!
Bernoulli s principal: faster air has low pressure. air wants to move from high pressure to low pressure. this principle is used to create lift on the wings of an airplane.

Principals of flight!
The focuses of air is: lift and weight, thrust and drag. Parts of a plane:

Caribbean airline is just right for you. We have amazing thing in stored for all our great costumers. I will make sure you have the best trip to the island. Our plane is already a dream vacation its not like other planes where you just sit there we have many things you can do, so make sure you order your tickets . thank you!
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