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Hadas Fried

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Portfolio

Hadas Fried Professional Portfolio
The purpose I went into Chinuch was to know and feel daily that I am able to make a difference in the life of students, like my teachers had in mine! Luckily the administration of YCQ believes in positive reinforcement and have been able to show me that I am doing it successfully! Please see the last letter from the Hanhala I received after my last formal observation.
My Resume
Azrieli Graduate School for Education and Administration
I am dedicated to provide a nurturing caring environment where students can be who they wish to be and act as true baali Torah Torah and mitzvos! I try to incorporate a close relationship of mutual respect and trust between students and myself as well as the students and their peers. I believe that the education that students receive in my classroom should not end their rather I take the material to teach life lessons. These lessons will be the stepping-stones of future personal and professional relationships, which I believe, are built in the confines of Yeshiva classrooms.

 I believe in teaching lessons towards a skill-based objective, and frequently test for understanding in order to determine that a skill has been mastered.
 I teach using cooperative and collaborative lessons.
 I incorporate technology into lessons as to show students that it is possible to live a full Torah lifestyle while using secular benefits.
 My objective is that each and every student be able to take away even something small from each of my lessons.
 I encourage my students to self-assess and that way help them grow into highly effective students and citizens in the 21st century.

I understand that all parents want what is best for their children. We are in a business venture, my students parents and I. We work together to encourage and help our children get further than they expect!

During the course of this very hectic school year I was given an amazing opportunity! I was able to both impact and effect the daily lives of those students whom I taught. I was able to help student cope with the struggles that we generally do not understand, and we were able to together build a new “home” in both the spiritual sense, as well as the physical. As a class with all our teachers, and many of our peers we watched how the destructions of a storm could reap havoc in our lives. We watched our amazing Morah got extremely sick and the strength of our teffilos were really ale to heal and rebuild. I learned how to answer the toughest of questions, over the span of these nesyonos. Together we were able to understand that HaShem does everything in our best interest regardless of if we see it in this way or not. However, our father in heaven wants to hear from us. My students this past year had to understand the concept of bitachon in HaShem.
Through PEP I was forced to reflect on my understanding of the needs of my students, to understand that they truly look up to me as a mentor and role model. PEP is a program that is designed to better students understanding in the inner workings of education, and encourages us to look at it from a more technical standpoint, as apposed to a more spiritual standpoint. Writing observations, forced students to be able to look beyond what they thought they did in the classroom, and see what it is we had actually accomplished.
This was an amazing experience which has enhanced by ability to teach, understand and grow.

of Portfolio
My name is Hadas Fried, and I am currently a Navi teacher at the Yeshiva of Central Queens.

I have been given the unbelievable opportunity to work at YCQ for three years. The first year was in the context of "Floater" meaning that I was a permanent substitute teacher covering long term leaves and teach absences. At that point I also began my pursuit of higher education at Azrieli. I was than offered my current position in the school, where I am able to have an administrative role as well as teach Navi to the Sixth grade girls!
The purpose of this portfolio is to show all that I have learned, to potential employers!

I hope all your questions are answered, and this presentation adequately shows all that I have been taught! If you have any questions I can be reached at Fried.Hadas@gmail.com

Hadas Fried
Lichvod Morah Hadas,
It is such a zechut for me to take a moment to share with you just how much I enjoyed your Sixth grade Girls Navi lesson today!! Each of your students were on task following each word of the lesson the entire time. The girls were soooo excited about the fascinating topic of Goliat and the excellent way that you were presenting it. The girls displayed much knowledge not just about the topic of today’s lesson but they showed tremendous comprehension of the entire years learning which is no small accomplishment with such a huge sefer and such a vast curriculum.
I especially enjoyed how you put the girls into small groups for short periods of time and asked them to learn the next few pesukim on their own followed by excellent instruction and efficient checking for knowledge. I also enjoyed how you displayed a map on the SmartBoard thereby giving the girls a visual description as to where the story is taking place and that it is occurring in Eretz Yisrael. It is very clear that you are putting a lot of time and effort preparing your lessons and it shows in the ability of the girls to demonstrate their knowledge.
The girls were very well behaved and all classroom procedures were adhered to with consistency.
Thanks so much for all the hard work you are doing and for being such an exceptional religious role model for the girls!!!!!
I can’t wait for other opportunities to spend time in your classroom observing the wonderful atmosphere that you have worked so hard to create!!!!
B’Birkat Kol Tuv V’hatzlacha Raba!!!!
Rabbi Landsman

Rabbi Mark Landsman
Yeshiva of Central Queens
147-37 70th Rd.
Flushing, NY 11367
718-793-8500 x310
718-793-8504 Fax
Below please find a link to my resume along with my contact information
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